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GreenFlux and Hubject partner to enable Plug & Charge

Dutch EV charging software provider GreenFlux has announced its implementation of the Plug & Charge technology of Berlin-based charging network Hubject.  “The addition of Hubject’s Plug & Charge technology further allows GreenFlux to promote renewable transportation at scale,” said Suthalan Gnanes, GreenFlux Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer. According to GreenFlux, its services allow charge… Read more »

Mer, Hubject and Driivz to demonstrate Plug and Charge seamless EV charging system

EV charging operator Mer Germany, eRoaming provider Hubject, and energy management software provider Driivz are working together to implement Plug and Charge, and the three EV industry collaborators will demonstrate the technology at the upcoming Intercharge Network Conference (ICNC23) in Berlin. Some public charging networks force users to deal with apps, logins, or even such… Read more »

EVCS to open up its charging network through Hubject’s platform

EVCS, an EV fast charging network operator, will add its charging network to Hubject’s intercharge platform. With almost 700 AC Level 2 and DC fast chargers, EVCS offers drivers a network of chargers across California, Oregon and Washington. Hubject’s eroaming platform allows drivers to use public chargers from various networks with no need for separate… Read more »

Hubject publishes Open Plug & Charge protocol

Hubject, the developer of an eRoaming platform that allows drivers to use charging stations from different networks in Europe, has published an independent protocol to standardize the developing Plug & Charge ecosystem. Plug & Charge (which, ironically for a system designed to enable interoperability, is also referred to as “Plug&Charge,” “Plug and Charge” and perhaps… Read more »

Italian charging operator Free To X joins Hubject’s roaming network

Free To X, a new Italian charging provider, has partnered with eRoaming provider Hubject in order to extend access to its high-power DC charging sites to all EV drivers within Hubject’s intercharge network. Free To X aims to deploy 100 public fast charging stations by 2023, covering 2,900 km along the main Italian highways. Each… Read more »

Driivz and Hubject partner to implement Plug & Charge system based on ISO 15118

Driivz, provider of a charging and energy management software platform, is cooperating with eRoaming provider Hubject to deliver a seamless Plug & Charge EV experience based on ISO 15118. The ISO 15118 standard defines the communications protocol between charging stations and EVs. One of the nifty features it enables is Plug & Charge, which allows… Read more »

Hubject and Penta Security partner on secure EV charging

Hubject and Penta Security have partnered to develop a system of secure communication for EVs and charging stations through the ISO 15118 standard, which supports the Plug&Charge charging and payment process. The partnership allows the companies to validate authentication data through the Vehicle to Grid Root Certification Authority (V2G Root CA). Seokwoo Lee, CEO of… Read more »

Hubject partners with four Chinese network operators, adding 35,000 chargers to its eRoaming network

Hubject, the Berlin-based company that has developed an interoperability platform for EV chargers, has signed agreements with Chinese charging network operators CarEnergyNet, YKCharge, EVCDX, and Kakuka, adding more than 35,000 chargers to its eRoaming network. Based in southern China’s Shenzhen, CarEnergyNet operates nearly 10,000 charging points. YKCharge, headquartered in central China, has deployed more than… Read more »

Hubject to open-source its Open InterCharge Protocol

EV charging platform company Hubject is making its Open InterCharge Protocol (OICP) open source. OICP currently supports over 100,000 charge points for more than 300 companies in 26 countries, according to Hubject. In addition to opening OICP, the company will allow connection to the platform by other eRoaming protocols. “With this announcement, we invite everyone… Read more »

Hubject and Greenlots to deploy Plug&Charge, enabling charging sans card or app

Greenlots, a provider charging and energy management software and solutions that was recently acquired by Shell, has partnered with charging interoperability expert Hubject to deploy ISO 15118 Plug&Charge technology in North America. Customers with new Plug&Charge-enabled vehicles will no longer need an app or card to pay for charging. With Hubject’s Plug&Charge ecosystem and public… Read more »