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ChargePoint to supply EV chargers to Airbnb hosts

US-based EV charging provider ChargePoint is partnering with accommodation platform Airbnb to make it easier for Airbnb hosts in the US to install EV chargers at their listings.     ChargePoint is providing Airbnb hosts a discounted package that includes a dedicated website offering ChargePoint hardware, charger management software, installation, and support services. Airbnb guests will be… Read more »

ChargePoint announces support for Megawatt Charging System

The Megawatt Charging System (MCS), a new charging standard for heavy-duty EVs that industry experts call a game-changer for electric trucks, is in the final stages of standardization, and commercial deployments are already starting to appear. The latest charging provider to announce support for MCS is ChargePoint. The MCS cable and connector will be available… Read more »

ChargePoint’s new 500 kW DC fast charging platform debuts as the power behind Mercedes charging network

EV charging powerhouse ChargePoint has developed a new DC fast charging platform that can deliver charging speeds up to 500 kW. In the first large-scale deployment of the new Express Plus Power Link 2000 system, it will power Mercedes-Benz’s new HPC NA charging network, which the automaker is touting as a premium network commensurate with… Read more »

ChargePoint introduces initiatives to improve EV charger uptime

EV drivers are up in arms about the pitiful reliability of public chargers, and CPOs are listening. ChargePoint “has announced a significant investment in the application of technology from the networking and information security worlds, which aims to deliver charging station reliability of nearly 100% once fully implemented.” ChargePoint’s brand-new Network Operations Center (NOC) will… Read more »

Zonar partners with ChargePoint and Highland on electric school bus charging management

Zonar, a provider of smart mobility solutions for fleets, has formed strategic relationships with ChargePoint and Highland Electric Fleets, a provider of fleet electrification-as-a-service. Zonar will use ChargePoint’s integrated hardware, software and services. Highland will provide telematics insights to Zonar’s customers through its Dashboard platform, in partnership with Synop. ChargePoint will offer Zonar customers expert… Read more »

ChargePoint launches new CP6000 Level 2 charger for Europe

ChargePoint’s new CP6000 Level 2 charger is “a complete charging solution for businesses and fleets,” and is designed for the needs of the European market. It offers AC charging at an adaptable output of 3.7 to 22 kW per port, and supports both one- and three-phase power. The CP6000 is designed to work seamlessly with… Read more »

ChargePoint to add digital advertising at selected charging sites

Digital video company Destination Media has teamed up with Ara Labs, a creator of digital advertising displays, to deploy digital advertising functionality at selected ChargePoint public charging locations in the US. The installations will be located at AC and DC charging stations within the ChargePoint network at high-traffic retail locations, and will offer “compelling content… Read more »

Starbucks, Volvo and ChargePoint to build electric coffee highway from Denver to Seattle

We’re not sure why, but there does seem to be an affinity between coffee and driving electric. Starbucks has long offered EV charging at some of its stores, and now the chain, in partnership with Volvo Cars, is planning to install chargers along a 1,350-mile route between the hypercaffeinated cities of Denver and Seattle. By… Read more »

ChargePoint and partners to build hundreds of EV chargers at California condos and apartments

California-based charging ChargePoint has announced a partnership with non-profit Charge Across Town and the state of California to deploy hundreds of EV chargers at apartment buildings and condo complexes across the state. “As a company that was founded in California and is headquartered here, we’re honored to work with the California Energy Commission and Charge… Read more »

ChargePoint and Gatik join to develop an “ecosystem” for autonomous electric trucks

Charging network operator ChargePoint (NYSE: CHPT) and logistics provider Gatik, which launched a driverless delivery service with Walmart in 2021, have announced a strategic partnership to develop an electric ecosystem for autonomous vehicles. According to the companies, customers of Gatik’s autonomous electric delivery fleet will have access to ChargePoint’s expertise in site design and interoperability… Read more »