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Volvo electric truck conversion proves its mettle as a snowplow in the mountains of Norway

Electric trucks are proving that they can be more powerful, more reliable, easier to use and more cost-effective than legacy diesels, one grueling job at a time. If there’s one application that requires serious power and reliability, it’s clearing snow from roads in northern Norway. The Norwegian Road Administration recently tested an electric truck in… Read more »

EVs reach 90% market share in Norway as the overall auto market falters

The days of ICE vehicles in Norway are numbered. Some years ago, the government set a goal of 100% electric sales by 2025, and that goal is well within sight. In the month of February, plug-in vehicles took 92.1% of the market, up from 90.1% year-on-year. Battery EVs took a 90% share, as recent tax… Read more »

Rental companies account for a third of fossil cars sold in Norway

The future is here in Norway, where plug-in vehicles made up around 90% of total auto sales in August. However, the commercial segment of the market has fallen behind the times. Almost all individual drivers buy EVs, but a lot of fossil vehicles are still being sold to companies—particularly car rental agencies. From January to… Read more »

Hurtigruten Norway unveils plans for a zero-emission cruise ship

Hurtigruten Norway, whose cruises along the fjord-indented Norwegian coast are the stuff of travelers’ dreams, has long been a beacon of greenery in a generally brown industry. Some of the company’s ships are basically plug-in hybrids, featuring enormous batteries to reduce the use of the diesel engines. Unlike the vast majority of the world’s passenger… Read more »

Scania delivers unique 66-ton electric truck to quarry in Norway

In the rapidly-growing EV market, it’s good to be skeptical of superlative claims. It’s anybody’s guess how long the electric truck that Scania recently delivered to the Verdalskalk limestone quarry in Norway will hold the title of the country’s largest, but this is definitely a pretty darn big truck. This 66-tonne monster has 3 axles,… Read more »

Norway has another electrifying year in 2022—10 top-selling cars were all EVs

Norway is the undisputed global capital of e-mobility. Private cars, taxis, buses, ferries, airport ground equipment—they’re all plugging in. The trend of steady electrification continued last year. The market share of plug-in vehicles rose from 65 percent in 2021 to 80 percent in 2022. This represents an important step towards reaching the country’s goal climate goal… Read more »

FREYR Battery to build gigafactory in Norway

FREYR Battery is replacing its plan to build two gigafactories with a plan to build a single gigafactory which increases capacity by 150%. The estimated construction cost will be $1.7 billion. “FREYR is increasing the nameplate capacity of Giga Arctic to 29 GWh in response to improving battery supply-demand dynamics, ongoing commercial success, significant progress… Read more »

Eviny installs new 360 kW ABB chargers in Norway

Eviny, a Norwegian provider of charging and other e-mobility services, has deployed ABB’s new Terra 360 charging station at the Oasen Shopping Center in Bergen and in the ski resort of Geilo. The pilot installations, which will be followed by a more widespread rollout across Norway and Sweden, are meant to demonstrate the performance of… Read more »