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Rivian secures $700 million in new investment round led by Amazon

Amazon will lead a $700-million investment round in EV startup Rivian Automotive. Also investing in this round is Rivian’s long-term investment partner, Saudi auto distributor Abdul Latif Jameel. Although it was reported earlier that GM was also in talks with Rivian, the automaker is not involved in this round. Rivian has been raising eyebrows since… Read more »

Rivian plans to use dealerships to service its electric trucks and SUVs

Following Tesla’s lead, EV startup Rivian, which turned heads at the LA Auto Show with its prototype electric pickup and SUV, doesn’t plan to use traditional dealerships to sell its vehicles in most areas. Buyers will order Rivians directly from the company – it’s already accepting pre-orders, secured by refundable $1,000 deposits. Unlike Tesla, however,… Read more »

Rivian reveals impressive electric pickup truck and SUV

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, pickup trucks are popular – they made up 16% of US auto sales in 2017 (per If EVs are to move into the mainstream, somebody needs to produce a mass-market pickup. Startups Workhorse, Havelaar and Bollinger have pickups in the pipeline; Tesla has been talking; and Ford finally feels… Read more »

Rivian appoints five executives, prepares to launch its first EV in 2020.

EV startup Rivian, which has facilities in Michigan, California and Illinois, plans to introduce its first EV, a five-passenger pickup, in 2020, followed by a seven-passenger SUV. The company recently announced the appointment of five new executives. Mark Vinnels has joined the company as Executive Director of Engineering and Vehicle Programs. Prior to joining Rivian,… Read more »

Yet another EV startup: Rivian buys Illinois Mitsubishi plant

Another secretive startup, another web site with pix of smiling multicultural techies and vaguely-worded flights of eloquence about redefining the automobile. But now Rivian Automotive has taken a concrete step towards realizing its dreams, buying a 2.4-million-square-foot former Mitsubishi factory in Normal, Illinois. According to county records, the company paid $2 million for the 500-acre… Read more »

Amazon adds Volvo electric drayage trucks to its EV fleet

Amazon’s electric delivery trucks, which the retail giant developed in cooperation with Rivian, are becoming common sights in many parts of the US. Now the company is adding fifty Class 8 EVs to its drayage fleet in Southern California. Amazon’s Volvo VNR Electric tractors will haul both cargo containers and customer package loads in Amazon’s… Read more »

How HummingbirdEV uses modular platforms and micro-factories to lower the cost of commercial EVs

Q&A with HummingbirdEV CEO Rakesh Koneru. The commercial EV market is hot—a bit too hot for some. Over the past decade, we’ve seen dozens of startups come and go. Many of these built promising vehicles, but starved out while waiting for customers to place volume orders. California-based HummingbirdEV, which was founded in 2015, is taking… Read more »

Making EV charging part of the smart home

Q&A with Leviton’s Andrew Taddoni The “house of the future” is a perennial American theme—from the Homes of Tomorrow Exhibition at the 1933 World’s Fair to The Jetsons, futurists have predicted a proliferation of labor-saving devices and home entertainment options. Nowadays, the focus is increasingly on the energy that these nifty gadgets require. The home… Read more »

Is it true that only 13 EVs currently qualify for a US tax credit?

Sometimes public policy gets skewered on the horns of a dilemma. The Buy American provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act are aimed at protecting US jobs (and national security) by making EVs with substantial amounts of battery components from “nations of concern”—namely China—ineligible for tax credits. That’s a worthy goal, but to a certain extent… Read more »

Amazon finds utility approvals to be the biggest EV charging infrastructure bottleneck

Many fleets are going electric, but to the best of our knowledge, none are doing so on the same scale as Amazon. The company says it’s now operating some 10,000 of the delivery trucks that it co-developed with Rivian, and it hopes to roll out 100,000 electric trucks by 2030. Building the trucks appears to… Read more »