Tesla continues expanding with over 1,600 job openings

Tesla Model S (C) ChargedEVs

Do you dream of working for Tesla? The opportunities are there. Typically for a fast-growing company, Tesla has increased its headcount 15-fold since its 2010 IPO, to more than 14,000, and much more expansion is on the way.

The Silicon Valley trendsetter currently has over 1,600 job openings posted on its website. Positions are available all over the world, from Norway to France to Mexico to China.

Elon Musk made headlines a few weeks ago when he announced that he would personally interview applicants for the top-priority Autopilot division. Tesla is hoping that a small and agile team will be able to leapfrog the Dinosaurs of Detroit and bring autonomous vehicles to market quickly.

“In terms of people just working on Autopilot software, it’s maybe 50 people,” Musk said at the October Autopilot launch event. “In terms of those working on the Autopilot hardware suite, it’s maybe a little bigger. Maybe 100 people. It will increase over time, but generally with software you can get amazing things done with small teams. And a small team will do much more radical improvements than a big team.”

There may be a lot of available positions, but that doesn’t mean getting a job at Tesla will be easy. “In the last 14 months we’ve had 1.5 million applications from around the world,” VP of Human Resources Arnnon Geshuri told Bloomberg.

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Source: Bloomberg via AutoblogGreen