Rimac is hiring engineers and craftspeople to build electric sports cars

Rimac concept_one_production_03_151122

The infectious excitement of today’s EV industry recalls that of the early days of the internet. Bold entrepreneurs are hiring talented young techies for tiny startups that aspire to challenge the mighty multinationals – and by no means all the action is in California.

The Croatian firm Rimac Automobili is a perfect example of the new wave of tech upstarts. Founder Mate Rimac started the company in a garage (naturally) with the vision of building an electric hypercar. Today the company supplies its technology not only for supercars, but for vehicles ranging from wheelchairs to boats to bicycles.

The head count has grown to over 150 in two years, and the company plans to double that in 2016. Rimac is a vertically integrated company that designs, engineers and manufactures all the components of an electric sports car, including electronics and batteries, so it needs new talent in a variety of disciplines.

In a new recruiting video, Rimac employees, many of them straight from university, describe how they became part of the team. Some of the things they like about the company – such as the opportunity to invent new technology from scratch – will be familiar to followers of the startup scene. Other benefits – such as a “relaxed atmosphere with no pressure” – sound a little more unusual.



Source: Rimac Automobili

  • dogphlap dogphlap

    Asking price $1M for the Concept One so a limited market but it could still do well.
    If money were no object I’d rather go with one of those than the new much more expensive Bugatti Veyron although the new Koenigsegg looks intriguing too if hybrids are your thing. Ten times the price of a Model S and the limited production numbers will mean the car is unlikely to be as well sorted but different markets have different requirements. Good luck to Rimac, it sounds and looks like it will be a great vehicle.