Can Electric Vehicles Overheat? Using NTC Sensor Design to Overcome Thermal Management Challenges

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Recorded Sep 1, 2020 9:15 am EDT

With the introduction of the fully-electric powertrain within electric vehicles, there has arisen a unique range of thermal management challenges. The heart of an electric vehicle (EV) is its motor and accompanying powered subsystems. Protection and regulation of these critical areas make temperature sensors essential to achieve product quality, safety, longevity, and performance. Using new materials and design techniques, TDK has developed innovative NTC thermistor technology that addresses these challenges, and meets the requirements of the vehicles of tomorrow.

During this webinar we will showcase the latest NTC temperature sensors technologies specifically designed for xEV applications, which include external charging, onboard charging, electric motor, motor inverter, BMS system and battery cooling systems. We will also share knowledge acquired by many years as an automotive market leader in reliable passive components that allows us to meet the thermal management needs of the automotive industry.

Presented by:

  • Carsten Dehoff , Automotive Temperature Sensor Systems Development, TDK Sensors AG & Co. KG, Berlin, Germany

  • Jason Blume , Marketing Manager - Temperature and Pressure Sensors Business group, TDK Electronics Inc., Iselin, N.J., USA

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