Rapid Determination Of State-Of-Health For Grading Of Li-Ion Batteries For EVs

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Recorded Sep 1, 2020 10:30 am EDT

This presentation will discuss a case study that profiles the results of a consortium formed by Nissan, Warwick Manufacturing Group, AMETEK and Element Energy to establish a rapid grading methodology for battery State of Health. Attendees will learn how the project was able to achieve its goal of 1MWh of second-life energy storage in approximately 6 weeks by the end of 2019 and how the rapid grading methodology delivers tangible value in an area where cost considerations are paramount.

While the recent circumstances surrounding the coronavirus have led to a decline in vehicle registrations, there are indications that BEVs continue to gain ground in the market. Year-over-year sales of BEVs are up and with regulatory pressure and restrictions on ICE-based vehicles continuing to climb, trends are indicative of ongoing growth in the adoption of these alternative powertrains. As the number of BEVs on the roads increases, factors such as warranty cost and recycling requirements become tangible, with manufacturers and reprocessing centers seeking solutions that enable further sophistication in the assessment of battery State of Health.

Presented by:

  • Rob Sides, Ph.D. , Applications Architect, AMETEK

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