Navigating Challenges In Battery Safety Testing For Materials Development And The Parallels With The Catalytic Converter

Presented by:

  • Mark Fairbanks , Lead System Testing & Prototyping, 3M

  • Brandon Bartling, PhD, Advanced Product Development Specialist, 3M

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Sep 1, 2020, 1:00 pm EDT

The introduction of the EV to the automotive market has created more change in a decade than the industry has seen in a century. Included in this rapid market change is the introduction of new challenges in battery pack safety as we go to ever higher pack sizes and energy densities. Due to the rate of recent industry innovation, OEMs and Tier suppliers may have to rely on historically developed guidelines to drive future advancement. While the historical guidelines have been proven for past designs, they may not be appropriate for current and future electrification applications within the rapidly changing auto industry.

This talk will focus on helping the audience understand some of the new safety challenges that exist with these designs and how the development needs of materials are like those seen during the introduction of the catalytic converter.

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