Flame-Resistant Coatings For EV Battery Packs

Presented by:

  • Amanda Wittmeier, Business Development Manager, PARKER LORD

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Sep 3, 2020, 10:15 am EDT

When designing battery packs for electric vehicles, fire safety in the event of battery cell failures is a difficult challenge to solve. Join our session on fire-resistant coatings to learn how these products enable the use of lighter-weight substrates while maintaining fire-safety standards.

What You’ll Learn:
-Understand the capabilities and limitations of flame-resistant coatings
-Learn where to apply the coatings within battery packs and temperature-sensitive components
-Review the high-temperature performance, adhesion properties and environmental durability of Sipiol FR coatings

Amanda Wittmeier holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from NC State University. She started her career formulating new coatings and adhesives at Parker LORD in 2013 before transitioning to an Application Engineering role, where she assisted customers with selection and proper uses of chemical products. She is now the Global Business Development Manager for fire-resistant coatings and works with global customers to find the best coating for their individual applications.

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