Emerging Technologies In Power Electronics For Electric Vehicles

Presented by:

  • Burak Ozpineci, Ph. D., Manager, Electric Drive Technologies Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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Sep 1, 2020, 12:00 am EDT

Today’s EVs are not being designed like conventional gasoline vehicles where all the components are under the hood. Rather skateboard designs are being used where the skateboard holds the batteries and traction drive system. This requires much higher power density, low profile designs for research in highly integrated power modules, high voltage inverters, non-heavy rare earth electric motors, and integrated electric drive systems.

There is also a demand for faster charging times rivaling the refill times of gasoline vehicles which increases the interest in high power wired and wireless charging.

This talk will focus on EV drive and charging challenges and approaches to achieving high power densities and fast charging.

Presented by Burak Ozpineci, Ph. D.
Manager | Electric Drive Technologies Program
Leader | Power Electronics and Electric Machinery Group
National Transportation Research Center

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