Battery Systems For The Heavy-Duty Market: Designing, Ruggedizing, Testing, and Manufacturing

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Recorded Sep 1, 2020 4:45 pm EDT

In less than 2 years the engineering team at Proterra designed, tested and manufactured an industry leading HD battery system that powered a vehicle which broke the world record for farthest distance traveled by an electric vehicle on a single charge. In this session, Mr. Blazak will discuss how the engineering team was able to accomplish that feat, and cover the safe design and placement of battery packs, what operators should know about lithium-ion battery systems, and what tests and validation practices are most important for electric vehicles. Mr. Blazak will also discuss the importance of safety as the biggest priority of any battery electric system. The design, testing and validation of battery systems has a profound impact on safety. From cell selection and chemical makeup to battery pack design and placement, there are many factors that determine the quality, performance, and safety of a battery pack.

Presented by:

  • Thomas Blazak , Director of Test & Validation, Battery Engineering, PROTERRA

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