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bdtronic to launch new oven for curing power electronic’s potting compounds

German mechanical engineering, process specialist and automated dispensing cell manufacturer bdtronic plans to offer standardized industrial ovens for heat-treating the components found in power electronics, on-board EV chargers, autonomous vehicle sensors and automotive tire-pressure sensors. The ovens are designed to cure epoxy resins, polyurethanes and silicones, as well as to preheat components. bdtronic’s continuous ovens… Read more »

Nth Cycle raises $12.5 million in Series A funding for cobalt and nickel recycling tech

Battery and metal recycling technology company Nth Cycle has raised $12.5 million in Series A funding, which it will use to deploy the first commercial units of its electro-extraction technology to recycling facilities in 2022 and to grow its technical and development staff. Nth Cycle’s electro-extraction technology uses electricity and carbon filters to recover cobalt… Read more »

InnovationLab’s new battery monitoring system gathers cell-level data

Printed electronics company InnovationLab has announced a new battery monitoring solution for EVs called BaMoS. BaMoS is composed of sensor foils, electronics and software. The ultra-thin printed sensor foils measure cell-level pressure and temperature in batteries. The pressure sensors are placed between battery cells, and measure state of charge, identify unusual behavior and prevent overcharging…. Read more »

2021 global trends in EV battery production: 3 Asian firms dominated

Adamas Intelligence’s latest EV Battery Capacity and Battery Metals Tracker describes the key trends in the EV battery industry in 2021. A record amount of passenger EV battery capacity was deployed, three companies claimed 67% of the global market, and Tesla was a dominant influence. According to Adamas Intelligence, 286.2 GWh of passenger EV battery… Read more »

Ascend Elements to open battery recycling facility in Georgia

Battery recycling and manufacturing company Ascend Elements (formerly known as Battery Resourcers) is planning to open a battery recycling plant in Georgia by August of 2022, where it will recycle lithium, cobalt and nickel. The company plans to invest $43 million in the 154,000-square-foot facility, which will be able to process 30,000 metric tons of… Read more »

AIMPLAS plans more efficient transformation processes for battery casing composites

The VETERIA21 Project is aimed at developing new and more efficient transformation processes for thermoplastic composites used in EV battery casings. With funding from Spain’s Valencia Regional Government and implementation by Spain-based plastics company AIMPLAS, the VETERIA21 project aims to replace metal casings with thermoplastic composites. The company says thermoplastic composites provide several advantages, including… Read more »

Benevelli launches SMAC Series 270 line of IPM electric motors

Powertrain company Benevelli has introduced a new line of IPM electric motors called the SMAC Series 270, which is intended for the EV and off-highway vehicle markets. The range of motors is designed for high-performance traction, power generation, electro-hydraulic systems and specialized high-power applications. Each of the air- and liquid-cooled motors features a stator 270… Read more »

Li-Cycle to operate battery recycling facility at Ultium Cells factory in Ohio

Battery recycling firm Li-Cycle expects to begin operating a battery recycling facility in Warren, Ohio in early 2023 as part of its hub-and-spoke model. Li-Cycle will install and operate its proprietary Spoke technology and equipment on the site of the Ultium Cells battery manufacturing megafactory, which is currently under construction. Its output will be black… Read more »

Toshiba’s new high-voltage automotive photorelay detects relay sticking and ground faults

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage has launched a new photorelay that’s designed for high-voltage automotive batteries, battery voltage monitoring, and the detection of mechanical relay sticking and ground faults. The new TLX9160T is an AEC-Q101-qualified photorelay that’s composed of a SO16L-T package, and features high-voltage MOSFETs and an avalanche current rating of 0.6 mA in IAV…. Read more »

Green Watt Power adds 10-amp models to its EVC 3300 line of Level 2 chargers

EV charger and DC converter company Green Watt Power has added new 10-amp models to its EVC 3300 line of Level 2 chargers. The new models, which will be available in March, are designed for a range of EVs including material handlers, motorcycles, scooters and e-carts. The new 3.3 kW chargers feature CAN communication compatibility,… Read more »