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Hexagon Purus and Hino to expand commercial electric truck partnership

Cylinder and battery pack company Hexagon Purus signed a long-term binding letter of intent with Toyota subsidiary Hino Motors Manufacturing US to provide battery packs, aftermarket support and service to Hino for building electric and commercial trucks. “Commercial trucks use the most fuel and produce the most emissions in the transport sector, accounting for more… Read more »

SES Korea to focus on Li-metal battery supply chain and automotive A-samples

High-performance Li-metal EV battery developer and manufacturer SES AI (formerly known as SolidEnergy Systems) has incorporated a subsidiary called SES Korea. The business plans to build a pre-production facility in South Korea to expand its battery supply chain and work on its A-sample joint development agreements with automakers. SES Korea expects to have about 50… Read more »

Graphex Group to increase graphite production in China

Graphite and graphene enrichment company Graphex Group plans to expand its production of spherical graphite (SG) and coated spherical graphite (CSG) in Jixi City. Beginning in early 2023 and continuing for the next three years, Graphex Group says it will expand its annual production of SG from 10,000 to 40,000 tons per year. The company… Read more »

LG Energy Solution hires AI and data science expert to ramp up smart factories

LG Energy Solution (LGES) has selected Dr. Peter Kyungsuk Pyun for its newly created Chief Digital Officer (CDO) position. “Based on his accumulated experience in world-renowned firms, we expect LGES to take a further step forward in battery manufacturing processes by utilizing AI and big-data technology,” said an LGES spokesperson. After earning a PhD in… Read more »

Umicore to introduce new generation of battery recycling tech

Materials technology and recycling company Umicore will introduce a new generation of its proprietary battery recycling technology in 2022, and has reached an agreement with Automotive Cells Company (ACC) to provide battery recycling services. Umicore says the new generation of its battery recycling technology recovers 95% of the cobalt, nickel and copper from batteries, as… Read more »

Battery testing firms Digatron and Safion partner for sales and product integration

Power electronics company Digatron has entered into a strategic partnership with battery assessment and diagnosis technology firm Safion. Digatron says it will rely on its established network to support growth in Safion’s global sales, and will integrate its products with Safion’s. Current Safion customers include automakers, aviation firms, consumer electronics companies, cell manufacturers and research… Read more »

Drexel research points to commercial potential of lithium-sulfur batteries

Researchers at Drexel University say they have developed a sulfur cathode that offers long-term stability and performance. In the process of using a vapor deposition technique to embed sulfur in cathode nanomesh, the researchers created a variation of sulfur called monoclinic gamma-phase sulfur that maintained its chemical phase and performance for more than 4,000 charge… Read more »

Mercedes-Benz teams up with ProLogium on solid-state batteries

Mercedes-Benz and battery firm ProLogium are teaming up to develop solid-state batteries. The automaker will make an unspecified investment in ProLogium, and will take a seat on the company’s board of directors. The first test vehicles using the new batteries are not expected to appear for several years. “We believe that range and efficiency are… Read more »

Ceylon Graphite’s silicon-enhanced vein graphite shows increased discharge capacity

Graphite mining and product company Ceylon Graphite has announced test results for its silicon-enhanced vein graphite anode material. In independent tests performed by Warwick University, Ceylon’s silicon-enhanced vein graphite yielded a specific discharge capacity (SDC) of 446 mAh/g in comparison to vein graphite’s typical SDC of 393 mAh/g. Ceylon’s 13% higher SDC was achieved in… Read more »

Addionics raises $27 million in Series A funding for Smart 3D Electrodes

Battery technology company Addionics has raised $27 million in Series A funding from Deep Insight, Catalyst Fund, Delek Motors, Dr. Boaz Schwartz, Dr. David Deak and others. The funding will be used for developing and commercializing batteries with the company’s Smart 3D Electrodes, hiring additional team members and increasing the company’s activities in the US… Read more »