Infini-cell: Optimum Li-ion Cell Interconnection For Large Scale EV Battery Packs

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  • Pierric Gueguen, PhD, Global Business Development Director – Electric Vehicle, MERSEN

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Apr 21, 2021, 11:45 am EDT

The acceleration toward more affordable and autonomous EVs has supported the rapid shift toward more electrified vehicles. It has now become even more critical that all processes in the supply chain support the industry scale up. With an important share of the vehicle cost structure, significant improvements are expected at the battery pack material and assembly level.

Infini-cell offers an optimum Li-ion cell interconnection for large scale EV battery packs. Unlike traditional battery interconnect solutions, laminated busbars offer ultra-thin, low weight and modular single layer Li-ion cell interconnection. Its thermal performance can support the increased utilization of larger cylindrical and prismatic Li-Ion cells. Its unique form factor enables a transition from Cu to Al interconnect, for reduced cost and weight at module and pack level. Combined with laser welding, Infini-cell assembly is more than four times faster than conventional wire/ribbon insertion and welding. Infini-cell bus bar is also a “smart” bus bar; it not only powers the battery cells but also monitors the temperature and voltage of battery cells as needed.

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