Electrifying Auxiliaries: Overview Of KEB T6 Auxiliary Inverter System For Commercial EV Applications

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Apr 20, 2021, 11:45 am EDT

When electrifying commercial vehicles there are several auxiliaries that would have otherwise been driven by the combustion engine which also need to be electrified. These auxiliaries include pumps, compressors and fans for both chassis and body equipment. Electrifying these multiple auxiliaries can present many challenges in cabling, plumbing, physical packaging, noise and EMI mitigation, and control integration (CAN J1939).

KEB’s T6 Auxiliary Inverter was engineered to solve these challenges. The T6 provides a scalable and modular system solution for independently controlling multiple auxiliary motors. Learn more about this revolutionary product in our presentation where we will outline the benefits of a multi-axis inverter system as well as explore additional system features that can benefit the vehicle designer.

Presented by:

  • Tony Heiser , Business Development Manager - eMobility, KEB America, Inc.

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