Advanced Materials For Power And Torque Dense Electric Motors

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  • Nir Vaks, Global Director, Carpenter Electrification

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Apr 21, 2021, 12:30 pm EDT

Carpenter Technology soft magnetic materials are advancing the performance of electric vehicles, hybrid and full electric aircraft, drones, robots, and other size- and weight-sensitive applications.

In this session, Dr. Nir Vaks will discuss Carpenter Technology’s disruptive laminations and stacks technology and how to achieve a significantly better motor by changing the motor material from the commonly used silicon-based laminations to Hiperco-based laminations. He will demonstrate that incorporation of Carpenter’s high-induction, low loss magnetic materials into stator and rotor stacks improves motor torque, power, size, and efficiency. Hiperco-based motors will provide powertrain and vehicle designers with options that will enable them to significantly increase vehicle’s power, extend range, reduce size, reduce cost, and produce faster vehicle acceleration.

Dr. Vaks is the Global Director of Carpenter Electrification and the leader of the Soft Magnetics Centre of Excellence and Technology Center, and is responsible for driving Carpenter Electrification innovations, products, and revenue growth through engineering, product development, collaboration, and project management. Currently, he leads the company’s multi-million dollar investments in the area of electrification, directing a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and other technical experts to deliver innovative new products and processes. His team’s efforts include new product development in the areas of power generation, electrification of land and air vehicles, thermal management, and groundbreaking magnetic, electric, and thermal alloy development.

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