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Electrify America to deploy public and fleet charging stations at 25 IKEA locations

IKEA has announced a collaboration with Electrify America and Electrify Commercial to bring ultra-fast public charging stations and delivery fleet vehicle charging to over 25 IKEA retail locations throughout the US. IKEA US aims to achieve zero-emission home deliveries by 2025, and to halve tailpipe emissions from customer and co-worker travel by 2030. The new… Read more »

IKEA deploys electric delivery truck from SEA Electric

Australian e-truck builder SEA Electric has delivered an electric delivery truck to fleet service provider All Purpose Transport. The new truck will be making deliveries for IKEA in Queensland. SEA offers a range of 5 drivetrains for commercial vehicles from 3.5 tons to 27 tons GVM. Customers can select a new cab chassis from their… Read more »

IKEA and delivery partners electrify last-mile delivery around the world

In 2018, at California’s Global Climate Action Summit, IKEA CEO Jesper Brodin announced a commitment to using EVs for the last-mile portion of all of its product shipments by 2025. Now the Swedish retailer says it has already electrified all its local delivery vehicles in Shanghai, and plans to do the same in Los Angeles,… Read more »

Retail chains aren’t deploying the EV chargers they’ve promised

It seems like every day, we read about another company pledging to roll out lots of public charging stations across the country. Automakers, utilities, oil companies, hotel and apartment chains, restaurants and retailers—everybody is (or claims to be) getting into the act. Even your favorite EV pundit abandoned his usual skepticism and gushed that, if… Read more »

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions introduces new EV fleet referral program

US fleet management company Mike Albert has announced its new Fleet Electrification Referral Program, which is designed to pair customers considering electrifying their fleets with charging providers. The program encompasses new partnerships with ChargePoint, Blink Charging and Enel X Way, and is designed to help fleet managers navigate end-to-end logistics, including charging infrastructure, government incentives,… Read more »

US government unveils joint strategy to decarbonize all transport

Governments around the world are taking measures to accelerate the decarbonization of transport. However, too often these are piecemeal efforts that lack strategic vision and fail to address the entire transport ecosystem. Now, for the first time, the US gummint has presented a comprehensive plan that involves multiple agencies and addresses almost every segment of… Read more »

Pay-as-you-go electric truck making deliveries on Rwanda’s dirt roads

At first glance, the rugged hills of Rwanda present an unlikely use case for EVs—bicycles and motorcycles are the most common vehicles, and farmers often use them to bring their produce to market. A British-Rwandan startup called OX Delivers is looking to change that, using electric trucks specially designed to negotiate dirt roads while carrying… Read more »

Tesla’s success is “a combination of thousands of heroic feats that no one knows about” (book excerpt)

A new excerpt from Tesla: How Elon Musk and Company Made Electric Cars Cool, and Remade the Automotive and Energy Industries, Edition 4.1. An inside look at the early days David Havasi was a car guy from birth. He grew up near Auburn Hills, and his dad worked in the auto industry. “My childhood was… Read more »

AC Fast Charging: The right fit for medium-duty EVs

What’s the largest mass transit system in the United States? Is it the public transit network? Nope. Commercial airlines? Guess again. Passenger rail? Not even close. Here’s a hint: the vehicles are colored yellow. Give up? It’s school buses, and in terms of sheer numbers this fleet is 2.5 times larger than all other forms… Read more »

European regulators reach provisional agreement to lower heavy-duty truck emissions 30% by 2030

The European Parliament and the Council have reached provisional agreement on a regulation that will set strict CO2 emission standards for trucks in the EU. Emissions from new trucks will have to be 15% lower by 2025 and 30% lower in 2030, compared to 2019 emissions. The text of the regulation still needs to be… Read more »