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WattEV opens huge electric truck charging depot featuring 1.2-megawatt MCS chargers

Two converging trends are set to blow the heavy-duty EV charging scene wide open: charging hubs for electric trucks are starting to open to the public, most of them clustered around Southern California’s busy ports; and the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) is nearing the completion of its standardization process, and is starting to appear in… Read more »

WattEV awarded $40.5 million to build truck charging depots in Northern California and Oregon

WattEV, a provider of charging infrastructure for commercial electric trucks, recently celebrated the opening of a massive public EV charging depot at the Port of Long Beach. Now the company has secured $40.5 million in grants to build two more electric truck stops in Northern California and Oregon. WattEV has been awarded two separate grants:… Read more »

WattEV opens heavy-duty electric truck charging depot at Port of Long Beach

California’s recent adoption of the ACF regulation, which will phase out diesel trucks over the next few years, has highlighted the pressing need for heavy-duty EV charging infrastructure. WattEV is doing its part. Construction of its 26-truck charging plaza at the Port of Long Beach is complete, and the company, along with charging standards organization… Read more »

WattEV to host CharIN event to test ISO 15118 EV charging standard

The Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) is an organization that works to promote standards in the EV charging industry, and one of its roles is bring stakeholders together to test new charging equipment and standards. Now CharIN plans to bring together some 50 manufacturers for a major EV testing event. The Vehicle Interoperability Testing Symposium (VOLTS)… Read more »

WattEV aims to operate 12,000 electric Trucks-as-a-Service and a charging network to support them by 2030

Electrifying commercial vehicles is a critical part of reducing emissions, so it’s frustrating that the pace of fleet electrification has been so slow. Viable commercial EVs have been around for years, but fleet operators insisted on conducting years-long pilots to prove their reliability. Now that phase is over, and companies are starting to place substantial… Read more »

Truck-as-a-Service startup WattEV orders 50 Volvo VNR electric trucks

WattEV has ordered 50 Volvo VNR Class 8 electric trucks to launch its Truck-as-a-Service (TaaS) model in California. Over the next several months, the e-trucks will begin operating on routes between California’s San Joaquin Valley, Inland Empire, and the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. WattEV’s TaaS model offers shippers and carriers access to… Read more »

WattEV’s E-Truck Stop to offer 40 charging bays with 25 MW of power, microgrid and battery storage

Startup WattEV plans to build a 25-megawatt, solar-powered, electric-only public truck stop between California’s Central Valley and Southern California’s bustling ports and shipping hubs. The 110-acre truck stop will be located at a heavily truck-trafficked highway intersection in Bakersfield, at the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley, near logistics centers run by Amazon and… Read more »

Major truck OEMs form PACT to advocate for EV infrastructure development

The pursuit of contradictory goals is a basic fact of human nature, and the commercial truck industry is no exception. Vehicle OEMs are investing large sums to advance the transition to electric vehicles, even as they lobby governments to water down the emissions regulations that are forcing that transition. Advocates of slowing the transition often… Read more »

The heavy-duty electric truck market could break out in 2024

Electrifying heavy-duty trucks is essential if we’re to fight climate change and air pollution, but the pace of the transition has been painfully slow—many, many pilots, but few truly large-scale orders. For example, shipping giant Schneider acquired 92 Freightliner eCascadias in 2023—a good start, but only that, considering that the company currently operates over 10,000… Read more »

Voltera offers a taxonomy of fleet EV charging infrastructure providers

As vehicle fleets electrify, they need help with their charging infrastructure, and an ecosystem of companies is developing to meet the demand. The range of offerings is complex and ever-changing—some companies offer one piece of the charging equation (hardware, installation, operations), while others offer turnkey packages that might include not only EVSE, software and services,… Read more »