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i-charging Earns ETL certification for SAE J3400 (NACS) EV charging plug

Portuguese EV charging solutions provider i-charging has announced that its blueberry fast charging family has received an ETL certification update from Intertek for the NACS plug standard (now more properly known as SAE J3400). (The company’s products were already ETL-certified for CCS-1 and CHAdeMO plugs.) The ETL certification process involves extensive assessments of the design,… Read more »

CharIN head says J3400 (Tesla NACS) and CCS charging standards will co-exist for many years

A year ago, as automakers, EVSE suppliers and pundits enthusiastically jumped on the Tesla NACS bandwagon, the Charging Interface Initiative North America (CharIN) was one of the few voices urging a little caution. CharIN’s mission is to facilitate the adoption of charging standards, so the organization is now deeply involved with testing interoperability for NACS… Read more »

EVgo confirms plan to begin NACS deployments in 2024

US public fast charging network EVgo plans to start deploying North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors—in the process of being standardized as SAE J3400—on its network later this year. Charging stations included in the rollout will serve vehicles that use CCS and NACS connectors. Deployments will begin in markets with high NACS vehicle penetration, enabling… Read more »

Whatever happens to Tesla, adopting its NACS connector won’t solve EV charger reliability problems

The poor reliability of public EV chargers is an industry-wide scandal. A year ago, when legacy automakers started adopting Tesla’s NACS charging system, many seemed to assume that this would soon solve all the problems. More sober observers told us that one of the main reasons Tesla’s Superchargers have been so reliable is that vehicles,… Read more »

Converting To NACS: More Than Just a Coupler

As many OEM’s have switched charging protocols to support the Tesla/NACS interface, product safety certifications must be considered. Existing chargers in the field may need to be retrofitted with the NACS Interface, but protocols involve more than the physical connector. What are your options when updating your product safety certifications for field deployed units or… Read more »

Emporia’s new NACS EV charger is “comparable to a Tesla charger at a more affordable price”

Competition is good, but standardization is good too. As Tesla’s North American Charging Standard gradually becomes a true standard, drivers of Teslas and other EVs have more and more options for charging their NACS-capable EVs. The latest alternative to a Tesla-branded charger comes from EV charger manufacturer Emporia. The company’s new NACS Level 2 EV… Read more »