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OVO and Kaluza to provide managed EV charging services for Volvo

UK-based energy supplier OVO and energy software company Kaluza have announced a partnership with Volvo Cars to develop EV managed charging services for Volvo Cars and OVO customers in the UK. One-way smart charging and bidirectional charging from Kaluza are scheduled to launch in 2024, as is the Volvo EX90 SUV, the company’s first vehicle… Read more »

Kaluza and Mitsubishi collaborate on Japanese smart EV charging service

Mitsubishi and energy software platform Kaluza have launched what they say is the first telematics-based smart charging service in Japan, following similar Kaluza deployments in North America, Europe and Australia. Smart charging technology, which enables EVs to charge during times of low demand when energy is cheaper and greener, helps to alleviate network balancing issues…. Read more »

Kaluza launches V2X trial with Volkswagen Group UK

Bidirectional charging and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) are two of the buzziest terms in the EV world these days—but the two aren’t quite the same thing. The former is an enabling technology for the latter, which is a package of applications that include using an EV as a backup power source and providing services to electric utilities… Read more »

Kaluza provides software for vehicle-grid integration program in California

Smart charging—which simply means scheduling EV charging for times of lower electrical demand—can greatly reduce the burden EVs place on the grid. In areas where utilities offer time-of-use rates, it can also save EV drivers substantial sums. East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), a public agency devoted to providing clean energy in California’s Bay Area, is… Read more »

New platform enables EV owners to earn revenue by providing demand response services for the UK grid

Kaluza, an intelligent energy platform, and Flexitricity, an electrical aggregator and demand response specialist, have partnered to provide a new combined grid flexibility service. The companies aim to unlock the energy storage potential of EVs and other in-home devices, providing a valuable balancing resource for the grid which could someday scale to millions of devices…. Read more »