Lessons From Europe For North America’s Future: EV Infrastructure Evolution for Fleets

Presented by:

  • Jed Routh , VP of Markets and Products, Kempower

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Jun 12, 2024, 9:30 am EDT

Join this webinar to explore the evolving landscape of EV DC fast-charging infrastructure in North America, incorporating lessons from Europe. Jed Routh, VP of Markets and Products for Kempower North America, will reveal lessons learned around fleet implementation from his European colleagues.

The discussion covers regulatory frameworks, technological advancements, consumer behavior, and market dynamics, offering insights to overcome barriers and accelerate EV adoption for sustainable mobility in fleets.

Now available to watch on-demand: Register for this webinar to watch a recording of the presentation and audience Q&A, and download the presentation slides.

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June 10-12, 2024 
All sessions are now available to view on-demand. Register for a session below to watch the recording and download the presentation. This virtual event spanned all things EV charging in two main tracks:

Track 1: Deploying EV Infrastructure & Fleets
Content for fleet/facility managers, charging network operators, public transport planners, etc.

Track 2: Design & Manufacturing of Charging Systems
Content for engineers who are building, testing, and manufacturing charging systems.

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