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ZF Friedrichshafen to invest €800 million in hybrid transmission technology

ZF Friedrichshafen, a German-based automotive driveline and chassis manufacturer, is set to invest €800 million in the electrification of its transmission technology. Over the next four years, ZF will put the investment into its primary transmission plant located in Saarbrücken, Germany. “The share of hybrid drives in production will increase tenfold over the next few… Read more »


ZF’s Axle Hybrid concept electrifies its AMT to improve shifting performance

German automotive supplier ZF has unveiled a new Axle Hybrid concept which uses an electrified Automated Manual Transmission (eAMT). This system combines ZF’s traditional electric axle drive system (eVD) with its automated manual transmission (AMT). The eAMT eliminates tractive force interruption and features AWD capabilities. “With eAMT, ZF has developed a fully-fledged plug-in hybrid drive for front-transverse vehicles,”… Read more »


ZF showcases mSTARS electric axle system for hybrids or EVs

German automotive supplier ZF is using a plug-in concept vehicle called Vision Zero to showcase a number of new safety and zero-emissions technologies. The entire propulsion system is housed in a space-saving modular rear axle system called mSTARS (modular Semi-Trailing Arm Rear Suspension). mSTARS is designed to make it easier to electrify existing production vehicle… Read more »


ZF and Levant develop active regenerative suspension

Regenerative braking is cool, so why not regenerative suspension? German transmission manufacturer ZF Friedrichshafen and Massachusetts-based Levant Power have started working together to produce just such a system. According to the companies, GenShock-technology is a fully active system for passenger cars which will combine dynamics, safety, and comfort characteristics with minimum energy consumption. The goal… Read more »