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Resonating with the OEMs: WiTricity’s wireless energy transfer technology

WiTricity hopes to leverage a wireless energy transfer breakthrough out of MIT into a commercial solution with far-reaching potential Inside a standard electrical transformer are two coils that transfer power wirelessly. They utilize the principle of magnetic induction, sending energy from a primary coil to a secondary coil without a direct electrical connection.  Inductive chargers,… Read more »

Next-generation Prius Plug-in to have more electric range, wireless charging

With the entire collection of 23 Toyota and Lexus hybrid models as a backdrop, Toyota Managing Officer Satoshi Ogiso delivered an inspiring overview of the past, present and future of the Prius family at the “2013 Toyota Hybrid World Tour event in Michigan. Ogiso was one of the engineers who began developing hybrid technology at… Read more »

South Korean electric buses use dynamic wireless charging

The city of Gumi in South Korea has deployed two electric buses that use dynamic wireless charging. Dynamic wireless is a particularly exciting technology, as it has the potential to remove several of the objections associated with EVs. In a public transport context, it eliminates the need for unsightly overhead wires. Further down the road,… Read more »

Korean researchers develop 180 kW wireless charging technology

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and the Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI) have developed a wireless power transfer technology that can supply 180 kW of power at 60 kHz. KAIST first tested its On-line Electric Vehicle (OLEV) in 2009, and has made substantial improvements in size and charging power since then…. Read more »

What’s up with wireless EV charging

Wireless charging is one of the hottest topics in the EV world these days. Several companies have systems on the path to commercial availability. Evatran has plans to sell aftermarket systems that will work with popular plug-in models such as the LEAF and the Volt. Qualcomm is using its London trial as a test bed… Read more »