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Toyota begins testing wireless charging system

Toyota will begin verification testing of its newly developed wireless charging system in late February. Toyota developed the system in cooperation with WiTricity, an MIT spin-off that the automaker has been cooperating with for several years. Toyota Managing Officer Satoshi Ogiso announced in August that the next-generation Prius Plug-in Hybrid would include a wireless charging… Read more »

Evatran wireless EV charging system goes on sale with special promotional pricing

2014 will be the year that EVs go wireless. Evatran will begin deliveries of its PLUGLESS wireless charging system in February. In partnership with Bosch, which provides installation services, the company has announced special promotional pricing to the first 250 customers – $1,998 for the Volt-compatible system and $2,098 for the LEAF-compatible system, which represents… Read more »

Antelope Valley Transit Authority buys two BYD electric buses with wireless charging

The Antelope Valley (California) Transit Authority (AVTA) is purchasing two 40-foot BYD electric buses as well as a wireless inductive charging system. The buses, which were funded through a $1.9-million grant supported by Proposition A local return funds, will begin testing on local routes for a 12-month period to determine their performance in the high… Read more »

WiTricity to provide wireless charging technology for Prius Plug-In

The Prius Plug-In is going wireless, and WiTricity will be providing its resonant power transfer technology. This week, the Massachusetts-based MIT spinout announced an intellectual property license agreement with Toyota, which has been an investor in WiTricity since 2011. Toyota announced plans to add wireless charging to the Prius line in August. “We have heard… Read more »

SAE announces agreement on wireless power transfer frequency and power classes

The SAE task force working on a standard for Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) has reached agreement on two important factors. These will be incorporated into a Technical Information Report, which is scheduled to be complete in early 2014. The TIR will be followed by publication of the official SAE J2954 Standard. “A common frequency of… Read more »

North Carolina research team demonstrates improved wireless power transmission

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new technology for wireless power transmission that could bring the goal of dynamic wireless EV charging a step closer to reality. “We’ve made changes to both the receiver and the transmitter in order to make wireless energy transfer safer and more efficient,” says Dr. Srdjan Lukic,… Read more »

Momentum Dynamics to commercialize its high-power wireless charging system in 2014

Momentum Dynamics Corporation has announced that it is prepared for full commercialization of its high-powered inductive charging system in 2014. The company says its Momentum Charger can transfer 25 kW and higher across a 12” air gap. This is substantially more powerful than the 3.3 kW plug-in chargers that are standard equipment on many EVs…. Read more »

WiTricity introduces simulation environment for wireless power transfer systems

Wireless charging pioneer WiTricity has announced a new software application for designing and developing highly resonant wireless power transfer systems. WiCAD is an end-to-end simulation environment designed to enable developers to streamline the design process and avoid the high cost of trial-and-error physical prototyping. WiCAD provides a library of commonly used WiTricity energy transfer designs… Read more »

Resonating with the OEMs: WiTricity’s wireless energy transfer technology

WiTricity hopes to leverage a wireless energy transfer breakthrough out of MIT into a commercial solution with far-reaching potential Inside a standard electrical transformer are two coils that transfer power wirelessly. They utilize the principle of magnetic induction, sending energy from a primary coil to a secondary coil without a direct electrical connection.  Inductive chargers,… Read more »

Next-generation Prius Plug-in to have more electric range, wireless charging

With the entire collection of 23 Toyota and Lexus hybrid models as a backdrop, Toyota Managing Officer Satoshi Ogiso delivered an inspiring overview of the past, present and future of the Prius family at the “2013 Toyota Hybrid World Tour event in Michigan. Ogiso was one of the engineers who began developing hybrid technology at… Read more »