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Tesla Model X to be the first EV with towing capability

When Tesla’s category-killing electric SUV finally goes on sale, it will be available with an optional trailer hitch, the company revealed this week. A letter to Model X reservation holders posted on the Tesla Motors Club forum (via Green Car Reports) reads, in part: We’ll be spending much of 2015 building and testing production-intent prototypes before delivering… Read more »

Tesla third-quarter results: record deliveries of Model S, another delay for Model X

Tesla’s third-quarter shareholder letter was a mixed bag: profits are up, but mainly due to sales of California ZEV credits; Model S deliveries are right on track; and the Model X will be delayed once again. Tesla reported a small third-quarter profit of $3 million, using non-GAAP figures, which include healthy sales of Zero Emission… Read more »

Tesla ready to unveil new wonders October 9 (Updated)

Mark your calendars! On October 9, Tesla is going to announce…something. Elon Musk has issued one of his famously cryptic tweets, to wit:  About time to unveil the D and something else — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 2, 2014 The mysterious missive is accompanied by a picture of what is undoubtedly a Model S… Read more »

Tesla to build Gigafactory in Nevada, state offers major incentive package

It’s official: Tesla will build its game-changing Gigafactory in Nevada. CEO Elon Musk and Governor Brian Sandoval made the announcement at a press conference, and each gave the usual pep talk. “Tesla will build the world’s largest and most advanced battery factory in Nevada, which means nearly one hundred billion dollars in economic impact to… Read more »

Tesla infinite-mile warranty will also apply to Models X and 3

A little rain fell on Tesla’s parade recently, when Consumer Reports and each reported that their Model S units had racked up what seemed to be an excessive number of maintenance issues. However, both sources reported that most of the repairs in question were covered under warranty. Perhaps in response to the negative publicity,… Read more »

Tesla quarterly report: progress on all fronts

Steady progress was the theme of Tesla’s second-quarter report, released after the bell on Thursday. Development of the Gigafactory is firmly on track – the company formalized a partnership agreement with Panasonic, and has broken ground at a site near Reno, Nevada. Although, the final location of the factory is still uncertain. “Consistent with our… Read more »

Tesla halts production to gear up for Model X

Tesla has halted production at its Fremont, California assembly plant as it prepares to begin cranking out the Model X, and accelerate production of the Model S. A $100-million upgrade will add 25 robots and boost production by 25 percent. “This represents the single biggest investment in the plant since we really started operations and… Read more »

Elon Musk: Model X is a harder design problem but worth the wait

At the Geneva Auto Salon a few weeks ago, we were surprised to see that, unlike the previous year, Tesla had no Model X on display. The booth bunnies had no explanation to offer, but in a recent interview with Bloomberg, Elon Musk shed a little light on that topic. While demand for the Model… Read more »

Panasonic and Tesla to expand supply of battery cells

Panasonic and Tesla have updated and expanded an existing agreement under which the Japanese giant supplies automotive-grade lithium-ion battery cells to the Silicon Valley trendsetter. The new arrangement calls for Panasonic to supply nearly two billion cells over the course of four years, both for Model S and the new Model X, which is scheduled… Read more »

Tesla takes aim at rear-view mirrors

The latest automotive icon that Tesla is setting out to smash: side mirrors (wing mirrors to our British friends). Eagle-eyed EV watchers may have noticed that the original concept of the Model X had no mirrors, and neither does Volkswagen’s diesel hybrid spaceship, the XL1.  According to John Voelcker of Green Car Reports, the rear-view… Read more »