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Is Tesla’s Autopilot 2.0 hardware already creeping into production vehicles?

The recent tragedy involving an Autopilot-equipped Model S has focused the world’s attention on the rapidly advancing field of vehicle autonomy. It’s widely assumed that Tesla is hard at work revamping Autopilot to make it better and safer. But in fact, the Disruptors of Detroit have been incrementally improving their autonomy technology on a continuous… Read more »

Tesla Q2 earnings: Continued losses, but steady progress

As expected, Tesla posted a larger-than-expected loss for the second quarter of 2016. The company’s plans to revolutionize several more industries are proceeding nicely, even as it stays resolutely focused on achieving the fastest production ramp-up in the history of the auto industry. If that sounds a little crazy, well, these are crazy times. Stock… Read more »

Tesla and camera tech supplier Mobileye part ways

The Israeli firm Mobileye, which supplies camera-related tech to several automakers, will no longer provide equipment for Tesla’s Autopilot after the end of the current contract. The companies will end their collaboration when Tesla stops using Mobileye’s EyeQ3 chip, which seems likely to occur when the carmaker introduces its Autopilot 2.0 suite. The two companies… Read more »

Tesla reveals Master Plan, Part Deux

Is it madness, or genius? Will it save civilization, or summon the Terminators? Either way, Tesla is determined to make the next ten years mighty interesting. With Model S in a vigorous prime and Model 3 gestating, Elon Musk’s first master plan is nearing completion. That plan, unveiled 10 years ago, is familiar to Charged… Read more »

Changes to California ZEV rules could threaten Tesla income

As is the case with most government regulations, the California Air Resources Board’s Zero-Emission Vehicle rules are complex, and changing them tends to create winners and losers (and acronyms). CARB regulators are now considering changes to the rules that would make it harder for automakers to comply with ZEV targets by buying credits, rather than… Read more »

Consumer Reports: Tesla should disable automatic steering

Tesla has been weathering a lot of criticism in the press since the fatal crash involving an Autopilot-equipped Model S. As Road & Track’s Jack Baruth very colorfully noted, some of it has come from self-appointed experts with little knowledge of the auto industry. However, the latest reproach comes from Consumer Reports, a respected publication… Read more »

Auto industry (except Tesla) spends an average $1,000 per vehicle in advertising

Elon Musk has said several times that he rarely thinks about marketing, and that if you build a truly revolutionary product, the marketing will take care of itself. Tesla has followed this philosophy since its founding. It participates in only the largest, most high-profile auto shows, gives access to only a few carefully selected journalists,… Read more »

Road & Track: Leave Tesla alone!

There was a time when the car guys of the automotive press heaped scorn and ridicule on electric vehicles. Today, as ever-more-advanced EVs appear on the roads and the racetracks, those days are long gone. Motor Trend has honored two EVs with its Car of the Year designation (the Volt in 2011, and Model S… Read more »