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New York State Assembly shelves anti-Tesla legislation

Earlier this month, the Texas legislature declined to take action on a pair of bills that would have favored Tesla Motors by carving out an exception to the state’s ban on direct retail auto sales. This week, the New York State Assembly made something of a mirror image move, ending its legislative session without advancing two bills… Read more »

Tesla battery swapping service details

Okay, Tesla has shown that the Model S battery pack can be swapped out quickly and elegantly, to the accompaniment of thumping techno music. However, there are a lot of questions about how this is going to work in the real world, so after Thursday’s live demonstration, CEO Elon Musk stuck around to offer some answers…. Read more »

VIDEO: Tesla demonstrates Model S battery swap

Tesla’s entire business model is built on succeeding where others have failed, so it was perhaps inevitable that it would make a go of the controversial process of battery swapping. Proponents say swapping eliminates one of the major objections to EVs: long charge times. Skeptics say it’s a complicated and cumbersome way to address an… Read more »

Tesla recalls some Model S vehicles to fix latch on passenger seat

Oh my God, a recall! Is this it for Tesla? Is this pie-in-the-sky liberal fantasy going to crash to the ground, taking trillions of taxpayer dollars and, perhaps, all of Western civilization, with it? Well, not this time, apparently. The recall concerns a mounting bracket for the left-hand latch of the second row seat, which… Read more »

May plug-in sales: LEAF regains the lead, Volt and Model S battling for second

US plug-in sales set no new record in May, but the total of 7,554 units wasn’t too far behind the all-time monthly sales record of 8,559, set in December of 2012.

VIDEO: Elon Musk says third-generation Tesla will be about 20% smaller than Model S

Star entrepreneur Elon Musk gave a lengthy and wide-ranging interview at this week’s D11 Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Interviewers Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher question Musk from the standpoint of someone who isn’t familiar with Tesla or with EVs in general, so he includes a brief primer on the EV scene. He explains… Read more »

Tesla pays off DOE loan early, taxpayers profit

Delivering a welcome victory for the government’s policy of supporting American manufacturing, Tesla Motors has paid off the loan it received from the Department of Energy nine years ahead of schedule, giving taxpayers a profit of at least $12 million on the original $465 million loan, Reuters reported. “I would like to thank the Department… Read more »