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Riviera Tool & Die reopens as Tesla Michigan

In May, Tesla acquired Riviera Tool & Die, a Michigan-based firm that makes large stamping die systems used to produce automotive sheet metal parts. The Californians have now taken over the company’s Grand Rapids facility and rebranded it as Tesla Michigan. Reporter Rick Albin from local TV station WOOD recently took a factory tour and… Read more »

Tesla Q3 results: production on track, Autopilot working fine, Gigafactory cranking up

Tesla’s latest earnings report delivered no unpleasant surprises, and that was enough to bring TSLA stock back to rude health, up almost 10% in Wednesday’s trading. The company reported a net loss of $230 million, or $1.78 per share, on revenues of $937 million in GAAP terms: $75 million, or $0.58 per share, on revenues… Read more »

Tesla aims to build cars in China

Elon Musk, speaking at Tsinghua University in Beijing, said that Tesla is in discussions with government officials in China about producing its vehicles locally, and hopes to make a specific announcement soon. Some media reported that Musk spoke of building the upcoming Model 3 in a Chinese factory within 2 years, but he later tweeted… Read more »

Tesla shifts focus to Model 3 as engineers prepare to start work at the Gigafactory

Tesla’s Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel gave a talk at the University of Nevada in Reno this week, as the company announced a new internship program and an investment of $1 million in the university’s battery research program. Saying that the transition to a truly sustainable world won’t be accomplished in a single generation, Straubel… Read more »

Tesla locks up long-term lithium supply

To produce EVs, you need batteries. To build batteries, you need lithium. That’s why Tesla has signed a long-term contract with a pair of mining companies to supply lithium hydroxide from a site in northern Mexico. Bacanora Minerals Ltd and Rare Earth Minerals PLC are partners in a joint venture called the Sonora Lithium Project…. Read more »

Analyst predicts Tesla will eat Uber’s lunch, doubling stock price

Does Tesla have a secret plan to disrupt yet another industry, maybe one that even Tesla doesn’t know about yet? Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas is convinced of it, and believes that the potential profits will cause the TSLA stock price to double. On a recent media conference call, Jonas asked Elon Musk about Uber’s… Read more »

Manhattan parking garages installing Tesla chargers

Dense megacities should be excellent EV habitat – except for the pesky fact that most residents live in apartments, making it difficult or impossible to install their own charging stations. With a view to removing this roadblock, Tesla has partnered with some of New York’s well-known parking companies, as well as a few hotels, like… Read more »

Tesla has yet to build an alpha prototype of Model 3

Tesla’s Model 3, the promised EV for Everyman, is due to disrupt the automotive world in 2017, but the company has yet to complete an alpha engineering prototype. Should we be worried? Automakers are usually secretive about this sort of stuff, but it seems that developing alpha and beta prototypes are milestones that CEO Elon… Read more »

VIDEO: Mister Musk goes to Detroit, presses automakers to get serious about EVs

Elon Musk spoke at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit this week, and as usual, he had plenty to say – in an hour-long interview and a Q&A with reporters, he covered a wide range of topics. The gadfly of the automotive industry reiterated his long-standing challenge to other automakers to move faster on… Read more »