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Will Model 3 owners have unlimited free access to the Supercharger network?

Tesla’s Supercharger network is one of the brand’s greatest assets – a valuable benefit for customers and a strong selling point against the (so far, mostly theoretical) competition. Since the Model 3 hit the stage, one of the hottest questions has been, will 3 buyers get the same free Supercharging privileges that S and X… Read more »

True Super-Hero Tales: Can Tesla survive the new Valley of Death?

Whatever happens next, Tesla made automotive history last week. At last count, the Disruptors of Detroit had received over 325,000 reservations for their new super-vehicle. That’s nearly three times the total number of plug-in vehicles sold in the US last year (116,099), and it’s similar to the annual sales of some of the country’s top-selling… Read more »

Will federal tax credits still be around by the time you get your Model 3?

(Updated 4/5/16 11:00am EST to include link to IRS code and information suggesting how Tesla could maximize available tax credits.) Tesla’s mission has always been to bring EVs to the mass market, and the culmination of the company’s grand strategy is the Model 3, unveiled last week at a price of $35,000. Auto market analysts tell… Read more »

Tesla kills the instrument cluster

Automobiles, and the automotive industry itself, have a lot of features that survive as vestiges of earlier technological times, and may no longer serve any real purpose. Tesla has eliminated a few of these (model years, free press trips) and tried hard to eliminate others (rear-view mirrors, independent dealerships). With the advent of the Model… Read more »

Tesla unveils the mass-market Model 3, reservations flood in

The next era of automotive history began last night at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California, as the company unveiled its long-awaited Model 3, and hordes of buyers around the world put down deposits to reserve their copies of the new EV, sight unseen. Elon Musk began the presentation with a synopsis of Tesla’s… Read more »

Tesla earnings report highlights critical importance of ramping up production

The latest Tesla earnings report followed the usual pattern: large losses today, but plenty of potential tomorrow. The Messiah of the Motor Industry reported revenue of $1.21 billion for the 4th quarter of 2015, and $4.05 billion for the full year, both healthy increases over the previous periods. Tesla delivered 17,478 vehicles in Q4, including… Read more »

Musk: Model 3’s veil will be lifted only a modicum in March

As every auto journalist knows, an automaker’s official “unveiling” of a new model seldom offers much in the way of technical information. A photo op with an auto body, some flashy videos and some hors d’oeuvres are what one usually expects. Tesla, so iconoclastic in other matters, tends to follow this norm. At a recent… Read more »

Elon Musk: Tesla is tracking 60 battery development efforts around the world

Tesla CEO Elon Musk covers a lot of ground in a recent interview with Investment icon Ron Baron. He explains how, as a young man, he identified the five tech areas that would have the greatest impact on mankind’s future, and set out to make his mark. He also gives propers to early partner AC… Read more »