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Tesla first quarter earnings overshadowed by questions about production ramp-up

Tesla’s earnings report for the first quarter of 2016 revealed that the company fell just short of its projected deliveries, and that revenue and loss figures came in fairly close to analysts’ forecasts. The company reached a new quarterly production record of 15,510 vehicles, up 10% from Q4 2015. It shipped 14,820 units, fewer than… Read more »

Nissan takes a poke at Tesla in new LEAF ad campaign

Charged and other EV boosters have long been critical of automakers for not doing more to advertise their plug-in vehicles. In Nissan’s case, this may be changing, as a direct result of Tesla’s attention-grabbing advance sales for its recently unveiled Model 3. As reported by Automotive News, Nissan has run print ads in the New… Read more »

Musk: Probability of accidents 50% lower with Autopilot

It’s generally expected that autonomous vehicles will prove to be safer than those driven by fallible humans, but hard figures will be needed to convince regulators and a skeptical public. During a talk in Norway, Elon Musk said that Tesla is beginning to amass some statistics on the safety of its Autopilot-equipped vehicles. “The probability… Read more »

A Tesla city bus?

By itself, vehicle electrification does nothing to alleviate the traffic jams in our cities or the sprawl in our suburbs. But autonomous EVs, working together as part of a coordinated public transit system, could move people around much more smoothly and conveniently. Naturally, Elon Musk has thought about this – he has called gridlock “a… Read more »

Will Tesla’s Model 3 finally inspire major automakers to get charged?

Tesla’s mission has always been to get more people driving EVs, even if it’s not the one selling them. Elon Musk has said many times that he welcomes competition from the major automakers. Musk and his crusading carmakers have had some success in this regard. Former GM exec Bob Lutz has acknowledged that Tesla was… Read more »

Does Manhattan really have more Tesla charging stations than gas stations?

Here’s a fun fact courtesy of the tabloid New York Post (and corroborated by more – shall we say – widely-quoted news outlets, including the Times and WNYC): Manhattan now has more public EV charging stations than gas stations. A lot more – in fact, fossil fuel pumps are outnumbered by Tesla-branded chargers alone. Tesla… Read more »

Will Model 3 owners have unlimited free access to the Supercharger network?

Tesla’s Supercharger network is one of the brand’s greatest assets – a valuable benefit for customers and a strong selling point against the (so far, mostly theoretical) competition. Since the Model 3 hit the stage, one of the hottest questions has been, will 3 buyers get the same free Supercharging privileges that S and X… Read more »

True Super-Hero Tales: Can Tesla survive the new Valley of Death?

Whatever happens next, Tesla made automotive history last week. At last count, the Disruptors of Detroit had received over 325,000 reservations for their new super-vehicle. That’s nearly three times the total number of plug-in vehicles sold in the US last year (116,099), and it’s similar to the annual sales of some of the country’s top-selling… Read more »

Will federal tax credits still be around by the time you get your Model 3?

(Updated 4/5/16 11:00am EST to include link to IRS code and information suggesting how Tesla could maximize available tax credits.) Tesla’s mission has always been to bring EVs to the mass market, and the culmination of the company’s grand strategy is the Model 3, unveiled last week at a price of $35,000. Auto market analysts tell… Read more »