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Tesla cranks up new Model 3 production line – in a tent?

Tesla appears to be closing in on its goal of producing 5,000 units of Model 3 cars per week. The Silicon Valley superhero team just unveiled a third production line, apparently assembled in a mere three weeks in a lightweight aluminum structure next to the Fremont factory. [Editor’s note: The  structure has been widely described… Read more »

Tesla’s “responsible sourcing” policy for cobalt and other exotics

How do you solve a problem like cobalt? The blue metallic element is used in significant quantities in EV batteries, but half the world’s supply of comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, a war-torn land in which child labor is common. Several automakers are already taking steps to reduce their use of the costly… Read more »

Elon Musk fends off a shareholder challenge and answers his critics at Tesla meeting

As expected, a shareholder proposal to remove Elon Musk as Chairman was voted down at the company’s recent shareholders’ meeting, as was an attempt to get rid of three board members that some see as not sufficiently independent. Elon himself made a lengthy speech in which he addressed many of the current criticisms of the… Read more »

Tesla hopes to improve Model 3 braking distance to earn a thumbs-up from Consumer Reports

Talk about shortening timelines in the auto industry – when Consumer Reports reported that it had found Model 3’s stopping distance to be unacceptably long, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded within hours, promising to look into the matter and do whatever it takes to improve braking performance. CR announced that it would not award Model… Read more »

Tesla responds to Munro’s Model 3 teardown findings

The most interesting Tesla news in recent months (at least for those who are more interested in the company’s cars than the antics of its CEO or the gyrations of its stock) was Munro & Associates’ teardown of a Model 3. Automotive expert (a real one) Sandy Munro praised Model 3’s electronics and battery technology… Read more »

Tesla on the way to eliminating cobalt from its batteries

Battery makers are keen to reduce their use of costly and controversial cobalt. Half the world’s supply of the metallic element comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, a war-torn land in which child labor is common. Worse yet, the stuff is getting expensive – cobalt prices have climbed to their highest level in a… Read more »

Tesla Autopilot goes mano a mano with Cadillac Super Cruise

Automakers around the world are hustling to develop vehicle autonomy features. Tesla will soon have a crop of competitors for its Autopilot driver assistance system. So far however, Cadillac is the only automaker that’s brought a system to market: Super Cruise, which debuted this year on the CT6 luxury sedan. Dan Edmunds and Jason Kavanagh,… Read more »

Auto consultant Munro gives Model 3 thumbs-down for build quality, thumbs-up for electronics and handling

Sandy Munro takes cars apart for a living. Specifically, Munro & Associates, the Detroit consulting firm of which he is the CEO, performs teardowns. Munro and his team dismantle cars and analyze each part in minute detail (what’s it made of, what supplier made it, and how much did it cost?) and write up their… Read more »

Tesla stock tanks on Autopilot accident, bounces back on better Model 3 production numbers

Tesla’s high-flying stock lost some substantial altitude over the past few days, as a number of negative news items hit the wires. The stage was set by the growing realization that the company isn’t likely to reach its Model 3 production target of 2,500 units per week any time soon. Then a fatal Model X… Read more »

Comparing the Bolt and Model 3 battery packs

There are two long-range, mid-priced EVs in town, and a (hopefully) friendly rivalry is developing between them. So, how do the two battery packs compare? A recent article in InsideEVs discusses the surprisingly large differences between the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3 packs. In a pair of lengthy videos from WeberAuto, Professor John Kelly… Read more »