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Tesla confident that Gigafactory can hit the magic number: $100/kWh

Tesla’s Gigafactory will mark a milestone in American manufacturing – to put it in trendier language, it’s going to be a game-changer. This is already obvious to readers of the EV press, and it’s starting to sink in among the mainstream media. The investing pundits of the Motley Fool have parsed some of Tesla’s statements… Read more »

Credit Suisse: Tesla has already proven that EVs are inherently better

A major stock market opinion-maker has affirmed what Charged readers already know: EVs will inevitably replace old-fashioned international combustion engines, and Tesla Motors will be a major beneficiary of the shift. “We believe that Tesla has already proven that EVs are inherently better, although most industry observers, and certainly the general public, don’t know it… Read more »

Waive green regulations to speed construction of green cars? California woos Tesla Gigafactory

The irony is as heavy as an 85 kWh battery pack: California is considering exempting Tesla from some of its famously tough environmental regulations in order to entice the automaker to build its Gigafactory in the Golden State. An incentive package currently being negotiated in the office of Governor Jerry Brown could include waivers of… Read more »

Tesla quarterly report: progress on all fronts

Steady progress was the theme of Tesla’s second-quarter report, released after the bell on Thursday. Development of the Gigafactory is firmly on track – the company formalized a partnership agreement with Panasonic, and has broken ground at a site near Reno, Nevada. Although, the final location of the factory is still uncertain. “Consistent with our… Read more »

It’s official: Panasonic will make major investment in Tesla’s Gigafactory (Updated)

Originally posted 7/29/2014 Panasonic has reached a basic agreement to participate in Tesla’s Gigafactory. The battery-maker will likely invest 20-30 billion yen ($194-291 million) initially, according to Nikkei. Tesla plans to start construction this fiscal year, and to begin producing battery cells in 2017. The Californians will foot the bill for the land and buildings, and… Read more »

Tesla’s mass-market EV will have new platform, less aluminum

Tesla’s planned mass-market EV, which represents the culmination of Elon Musk’s grand plan to bring electric vehicles into the mainstream, is still shrouded in mystery. We’ve been told that it will be about 20 percent smaller than the Model S, that it will be priced around $35,000, that it is expected to go on sale… Read more »

Battery maker Boston-Power secures $250 million in funding, will increase production capacity

Battery maker Boston-Power is closing on a new investment round of $250 million from investors in China and elsewhere, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Venture Capital Dispatch blog. The company was founded in Massachusetts, but moved most of its operations to China in 2011. It currently sells batteries to the Beijing Electric Vehicle Company…. Read more »

Daimler switching battery suppliers again?

Does Daimler have a coherent electric-vehicle strategy? Its battery supply chain is literally all over the map, and this week’s announcement that the company may close a German battery plant that it was boasting about a month ago has the EV press puzzled. The first generation of Daimler’s smart fortwo electric drive, which is selling… Read more »

Panasonic expects to be the sole manufacturer in Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla’s Gigafactory will be a game-changer for the automotive industry, and as Tesla’s main battery supplier, Panasonic will be a key participant. As prospects for the massive battery plant have brightened and dimmed, not only the EV press but the major news outlets have been following the saga with keen interest. The latest news is… Read more »

California to reduce EV rebates, but drops plan for $60k price cap

Since its launch in 2010, California’s Zero Emission Vehicle rebate program has provided cash incentives to thousands of EV buyers in the Golden State. In fact, it’s proven so popular that the California Air Resources Board seems to be looking for ways to make the available funding go farther. CARB is now working on its… Read more »