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Porsche plans fast chargers at all US dealerships, exec disses Tesla

Porsche’s upcoming Mission E sedan is expected to feature a 95 kWh battery pack and 310 miles of range. Such a generous range is sure to create demand for faster charging times, so the German luxury brand has developed a new charging system that can deliver up to 800 V and 350 kW. Now Porsche… Read more »

Test-driving the Porsche Mission E

Automobile magazine contributor Georg Kacher recently got a chance to drive one of the few existing prototypes of Porsche’s Mission E, and was also able to glean some technical details about the upcoming EV. Porsche told Kacher that every Mission E will have all-wheel drive at first – a rear-wheel-drive version may be offered in… Read more »

Porsche installs 350 kW fast charging station at tech center

Porsche has installed a charging station using its new 800 V 350 kW fast charging system at its technology center in Berlin-Adlershof. The Porsche High Power Charging (HPC) station is liquid-cooled, and uses CCS connectors. The new tech center also features a 25-meter-high solar pylon that is expected to generate up to 30,000 kWh of… Read more »

Porsche’s new 800-volt fast charger could work with other brands, including Tesla

The long-range EVs of the future will need much faster charging. The Volkswagen Group has designated Porsche to spearhead the development of a new ultra-fast charging technology. The Germans have demonstrated an 800-volt charging system (double the voltage of the current CCS standard) for the Porsche Mission E concept, which could someday be used for… Read more »

Porsche foresees 800-volt DC charging

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on about EVs, it’s that ranges need to become longer. That means battery capacities need to grow, and therefore charging levels will have to increase as well, if charging times are to stay the same (or, preferably, become shorter). One company that’s been working on higher charging levels… Read more »

Porsche considers Bosch, Panasonic to supply EV batteries

An electric Porsche based on the Mission E concept shown at the Frankfurt auto show is in the production pipeline, and the company is considering bids from Panasonic and Robert Bosch to supply the battery, Bloomberg reports. According to anonymous sources, Panasonic’s package would be cheaper, but Porsche’s neighbor Bosch would offer simpler logistics. “We’re… Read more »

Porsche to invest a billion euros at EV plant

As Porsche begins work on its first pure EV, it is embarking on a major program of capital investment. Reuters reported that the company will invest about 1 billion euros ($1.12 billion) at its Zuffenhausen plant, where the new EV is in development. Chief Executive Oliver Blume said that the company has “many new products… Read more »

Porsche workers agree to pay cut at EV production plant

Times are tough at the Volkswagen Group these days, and some rank-and-file workers are surely wondering about their job security, even in labor-friendly Germany. This may explain why workers at Porsche’s Zuffenhausen plant have agreed to concessions worth several hundred million euros in order to secure production of the company’s battery-electric Mission E. Earlier this… Read more »

Porsche going ahead with Mission E EV

Is that an electrically powered Porsche approaching in the distance? The German sports car maker has given the green light for a project called Mission E, with the aim of launching a new EV by the end of the decade. Porsche also announced a major program of expansion and upgrades at its Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen plant, which… Read more »

Porsche shows electric Mission E concept in Frankfurt

Porsche posed the possibility of producing a smaller sedan to complement the Panamera as it showed the electric Mission E concept at this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The Mission E has a 600 hp powertrain with a motor on each axle and an under-the-floor battery pack (yes, like a certain Silicon Valley sedan). It features… Read more »