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Nissan exec: 10% of sales will be EVs in the near future

Don’t know about you, but I sure am ready for e-mobility to reach that critical mass, that tipping point, that hundredth monkey buying an EV. A couple of Nissan execs believe that the blessed event will occur around 2019-2020. Speaking at Nissan’s Yokohama headquarters this week, corporate officers Hiroto Saikawa and Akiko Hoshino told reporters… Read more »

BMW i3 snatches second place in September plug-in sales

US plug-in sales are still in the slow lane – once again, the monthly figure of 10,134 fell short of last year’s 10,921. The Tesla Model S grabbed the lead position, with 2,500 estimated US sales in September. The company reported delivering 11,580 total vehicles worldwide in the third quarter of 2015, a 49% increase over Q3… Read more »

New study: “Lack of coherent sales concepts” is responsible for weak EV sales

A new market analysis acknowledges that the market share of electric vehicles in the seven leading automotive nations remains stubbornly low, and looks at some of the reasons for the sluggish growth. “The major growth impetus that would anchor e-mobility in the seven leading automotive nations long term is still nowhere to be seen,” the… Read more »

August plug-in sales slow as LEAF, Volt and Model S jockey for the lead

There’s little good news for EV-lovers this month. August US plug-in sales of 8,972 were essentially unchanged from July, and were even further behind August 2014’s figure of 12,172. There were no major position changes – most of the leading models posted minor declines or increases. The bright spots at the moment are outside the… Read more »

Sales of plug-ins plateau as Model S maintains a lean lead

It’s official: US plug-in sales are in the doldrums. July sales of 8,951 were substantially down from June (10,364), and from July 2014 (11,242). While we’re waiting for the 2016 LEAF and next generation Volt to get things moving again in the fall, we’ll console ourselves with the news that even as US sales have stalled, worldwide… Read more »

Canadian study: Government initiative needed to boost EV use

A team of researchers from Canada’s Simon Fraser University have published a report that paints a pessimistic picture of EV adoption in the Great White North, at least in the short term. “Electric vehicles are not likely to make up more than one percent of vehicle sales in the next decade and no more than… Read more »

EV sales may be in a holding pattern in the US, but they’re booming worldwide

Those of us who follow the month-by-month plug-in sales figures can’t help but be a little disappointed by the tale so far this year. In three of the last six months, US sales failed to equal the monthly figures of a year ago. We’re now halfway through the year, and total sales of 54,388 are… Read more »

UK plug-in vehicle sales start to accelerate

The UK government’s efforts to boost adoption of what it calls “ultra low emission vehicles” (ULEVs) seem to be yielding some results. In the first quarter of 2015, 9,046 new ULEVs (EVs, PHEVs and FCVs) were registered, up 366% from 1,789 in the first quarter of 2014. The UK’s plug-in car and van grants were… Read more »