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Navigant Research releases Leaderboard Report on lithium-ion battery manufacturers

In a new report, Navigant Research profiles 11 Li-ion battery vendors that are active in the EV market, and rates them on 13 criteria, including systems integration, safety engineering, chemistry performance, geographic reach, manufacturing and product performance, pricing, and overall corporate financial health. According to Navigant, “Li-ion batteries have won the race to be the chemistry… Read more »

New report: charger market to grow to $3.8 billion by 2020

The growing acceptance of plug-in vehicles has spurred a “burst of activity” in the development of charging infrastructure (also known as electric vehicle supply equipment, or EVSE), mostly in North America, Europe, and Asia, according to a new report by Navigant Research. Much of the activity has been supported by large government investments, but this… Read more »