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Mitsubishi remains committed to the US, plans to introduce Outlander PHEV

Plug-in pundits have long been puzzled by the sorry sales of Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV. Starting at $22,995, it’s the cheapest EV in the US market, it’s available throughout the country, and it has sold well in Japan and Europe. Why hasn’t Mitsubishi managed to move more than a handful here? Some speculated that the Japanese automaker,… Read more »

Mitsubishi’s new Outlander PHEV goes on sale in Japan in January

The plug-in version of Mitsubishi’s Outlander, which debuted at this year’s Paris Motor Show, will go on sale at dealerships throughout Japan in January. The new crossover SUV incorporates technology that Mitsubishi developed for its i-MiEV pure electric vehicle, but this is obviously a much roomier and more robust ride. The Outlander PHEV’s 4WD powertrain… Read more »