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Belgian startup raises €10-million, plans to bring solid-state battery to market

SOLiTHOR, a spin-off company from the Belgian research organization Imec, recently raised €10 million in a seed investment round led by Imec. The company will use the proceeds to develop and commercialize its solid-state battery cell technology. Imec has been investing in solid-state battery tech for 10 years, and aims to enable an assembly process… Read more »

Imec doubles energy density of its Li-metal batteries to 400 Wh/liter

Imec, a Belgian research firm focused on nanoelectronics, has unveiled a solid-state Li-metal battery cell with an energy density of 400 Wh/liter at a charging speed of 0.5C (2 hours). As part of a larger engineering roadmap for solid-state batteries, imec aims to surpass wet Li-ion battery performance and reach 1,000 Wh/L at 2-3C by… Read more »