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Simplifying EV traction inverters emergency power supply architecture

The low voltage power architecture used in EV traction inverters drives control electronics and provides gate driver power for the main traction IGBTs/MOSFETs. It must also provide redundancy to meet ASIL requirements. This requirement represents a special challenge as it means the Emergency Power Supply (EPS) must operate from low voltage and high voltage sources… Read more »

Exro says its Coil Driver tech can reduce EVSE cost and complexity

Power electronics specialist Exro Technologies has announced a new application for its patented Coil Driver technology, which it says could dramatically reduce the cost and complexity associated with deploying EV infrastructure at scale. According to Exro, EVs currently require three different types of power electronics components to power the vehicles and charge the batteries: a… Read more »

Exro partners with Linamar to develop a new integrated eAxle

Calgary-based Exro Technologies is a developer of power electronics for electric motors and batteries. Exro’s motor control technology, the Coil Driver, is designed to enable intelligent optimization of electric powertrains for efficient energy consumption. Exro has announced a strategic development agreement with Linamar, a global Tier 1 auto parts manufacturer, to develop a new eAxle… Read more »

SEA Electric secures funding, announces partnership with Exro

SEA Electric, a maker of electric power-system technology for urban delivery and distribution fleets, recently secured $42 million in initial private placement equity financing.  President Tony Fairweather said the financing will allow SEA Electric to accelerate its global sales efforts and further use its proprietary Sea-Drive 120b battery power system, while strengthening the delivery and… Read more »