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Battery passports will trace content and carbon footprint of EV batteries in Europe

Sustainability is the raison d’etre of EVs, so it’s obviously important to find a way to document the sustainable nature of the raw materials that go into EV batteries. A “battery passport” that traces the content and carbon footprint of batteries could be the solution, and that’s just what a new German-funded consortium of automakers… Read more »

European Parliament approves reduced tolls for low- and zero-emission vehicles

The European Parliament has updated the rules defining the charges member states can impose on vehicles using Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) roads. The aim of the new rules is to shift road charging from a time-based model to a distance-based or kilometers-driven system, to better reflect the polluter-pays and user-pays principles. Member states will generally… Read more »

New report: growth of EU charging infrastructure not keeping pace with rising demand for EVs

A new report by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) finds that, despite strong growth, the available charging infrastructure for EVs in the EU still falls far below what is needed, and remains unevenly distributed across member states. The second edition of “Making the Transition to Zero-Emission Mobility,” an annual study of EV adoption in… Read more »

Almost 80% of European EV sales have been in the six wealthiest countries

The European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) has published an interactive map that illustrates the correlation between the adoption of plug-in vehicles (which the organization, apparently feeling that the industry needs yet more acronyms, refers to as “electrically-chargeable vehicles,” or ECVs) and per-capita GDP. The ACEA reports that plug-in vehicles accounted for 3.0% of all… Read more »