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UK study: EVs could cut oil imports 40% by 2030

Policymakers in many countries remain skeptical about the benefits of EVs, but a new study has added weight to the pro-EV argument, at least in the UK. According to a paper that was written by Cambridge Econometrics and commissioned by the European Climate Foundation, large-scale deployment of EVs could cut the UK’s oil imports by… Read more »

UK to award £35 million to low-emission “centers of excellence”

The UK Department for Transport has established a £35-million ($53-million) fund to enable selected metropolitan areas to become “centers of excellence for low-emission vehicles.” The agency recently announced a shortlist of 12 cities that are vying for a share of the dosh. From this list, 2-4 finalists will be selected to receive funding awards. The… Read more »

UK government to invest £32 million in EV infrastructure, £11 million in R&D

The UK government has announced £32 million ($49 million) in new funding for EV infrastructure, to support “the fast-growing popularity of plug-in vehicles.” The announcement noted that claims for government grants to plug-in buyers increased fourfold in 2014. The new pot of money, which will be invested between now and 2020, includes: £15 million to… Read more »

Plug-in sales beginning to take off in UK

The UK has had a bit of a slow start getting plugged in – last June a survey showed little consumer awareness of EVs, and more recently London’s public charging network has been plagued by problems – but the Brits seem to be turning up the voltage now. This month, the Department for Transport reported… Read more »

Qualcomm invests in Chargemaster to deploy wireless charging in UK

Qualcomm, maker of the Halo wireless charging system, has invested in Chargemaster, a UK-based manufacturer and operator of EV charging stations. The move will accelerate the planned UK deployment of Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) technology, Chargemaster said. Chargemaster has produced more than 27,000 charging stations, and operates POLAR, the UK’s largest network of public… Read more »

Innovate UK ponies up £15 million for carbon-reducing vehicle technologies

The UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board) has put up a pot of £15 million ($24 million) in grants for the development of vehicle technologies that can reduce CO2 emissions. Funding will be awarded on a competitive basis. Innovate UK is seeking proposals in these areas: Electric machines and power electronics… Read more »

New survey: UK drivers have little interest in EVs

Why are EVs catching on faster in some regions than in others? Government incentives play a large role, as a May study from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) detailed. The world’s top three EV hotspots, Norway, the Netherlands and California, are all places whose leaders have enacted strong pro-plug-in policies. However, the ICCT… Read more »

UK to invest half a billion quid to promote EV adoption

The UK is becoming one of the most EV-friendly countries in Europe – its government announced this week that it will invest £500 million between 2015 and 2020 to boost what it calls the ultra low emission vehicle (ULEV) industry. Noting that the automotive sector is worth £11.2 billion to the economy, and that ULEVs… Read more »

Nissan and British Gas launch UK’s largest commercial EV pilot

British Gas will be testing 28 Nissan e-NV200 vans through the coming Blighty winter to determine the future viability of EVs as part of its fleet. Also involved are Hitachi Capital Commercial Vehicle Solutions, which manages BG’s fleet, and Gateshead College, which has trained the drivers in the proper care and feeding of the 100%… Read more »

Nissan to lead UK fast charger project

Nissan is getting behind fast charging in a big way. Shortly after unveiling a new incentive program for installers of CHAdeMO-compatible chargers in the US, the Japanese EV-maker has announced that it will help to build a network of rapid chargers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Rapid Charge Network (RCN) will include 74… Read more »