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ClipperCreek introduces ruggedized version of PMD-10 Charging Station Pedestal

ClipperCreek’s PMD-10 Universal Pedestal, a mounting solution for the company’s line of EV charging stations, is now available with a “Ruggedized” option. Designed for fleet, parking lot, coastal, and extreme weather environments, the Ruggedized ProMountDuo Universal Pedestal (PMD-10R) features fully powder-coated stainless steel construction, stainless steel machine hardware and plastic bushings for ease of installation…. Read more »

ClipperCreek HCS-40 charging station offers “Ruggedized” option for extreme conditions

The HCS-40, ClipperCreek’s best-selling Level 2 charging station, is now available with a “Ruggedized” option, for stations that are subject to damage by extreme weather or other perils. The ruggedization consists of a rubber overmolded J1772 connector and a field-replaceable connector latch. The American made HCS-40R and HCS-40PR operate at 32 amps and 7.7 kW,… Read more »

ClipperCreek adds ChargeGuard access control option to its HCS Series charging stations

ClipperCreek has added an access control solution to its HCS Series Level 2 charging stations. The ChargeGuard option, designed for fleet, workplace, multi-tenant, hospitality and residential charging applications, delivers key-based access control. It’s a $78 option for HCS Series chargers, which start at $565. ChargeGuard is designed to be simple to use: plug the vehicle… Read more »

ClipperCreek’s new LCS-30 24-amp Level 2 charging station

ClipperCreek has added a new 24-amp Level 2 charging station to its product line. The LCS-30 provides up to 5.8 kW of power, and is available for both hardwired and plug-in installations. The American-made LCS-30 is aimed at the residential, workplace, fleet, and public amenity charging markets. It features a fully sealed NEMA 4 enclosure,… Read more »

ClipperCreek increases power and cable length of its LCS-20 charger

ClipperCreek has announced an upgrade in power and cable length for its popular LCS-20 series of EV charging stations. The LCS-20 now features 16-amp charging and a 25-foot cable for the same prices as before: $379 for the hardwired model and $395 for the plug-in version. “We are constantly working to improve our products, and… Read more »

ClipperCreek charging stations incorporate eMotorWerks smart grid charging platform

EV charging stations are getting connected, allowing users to remotely manage charging, and utilities to take advantage of demand response capabilities. The market for EVSE communications tech is expected to take off like an EV on an onramp. The Californian company eMotorWerks includes considerable connectivity capabilities in its JuiceBox line of chargers, and now offers… Read more »

ClipperCreek’s ProMountDuo offers dual charging on a single pedestal

ClipperCreek has a solution for just about every charging situation, including some you may never have thought about. Its new ProMountDuo, aimed at the fleet and commercial markets, can provide single or dual Level 1 or Level 2 charging, making it possible to charge two vehicles from one post. The ProMountDuo supports two stations and… Read more »

ClipperCreek launches HCS-30 24-amp Level 2 charging station

ClipperCreek’s line of EV chargers includes a wide range of power levels for different applications. The new HCS-30 is a 24-amp Level 2 charging station that can fully recharge most EVs in about 4 hours. “EV owners want faster charging, but don’t necessarily want to upgrade their electrical service panel. This 24-amp model allows more… Read more »

Portland’s Electric Avenue is back, better than ever

Portland, Oregon is proud of its reputation as a charged city – it’s home to about 4,000 EV drivers. Four years ago, the city designated a downtown block as an EV zone called Electric Avenue, complete with a number of public charging stations. It soon became a popular place for EVSE makers to test new… Read more »