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BMW’s fast charging strategy: Clarifying some nuanced announcements

Range anxiety: we’re not sure whether it’s a serious disease or a psychosomatic ailment, but it’s one of the most commonly-cited objections heard from potential EV buyers, and automakers take it quite seriously. All of the top EV-makers are investing heavily in public charging infrastructure in an effort to eradicate this dreaded malady. At the… Read more »

BMW’s Light and Charge combines street lighting with EV charging

BMW has developed an energy-efficient street light that is also an EV charging station. The Light and Charge unit combines LED technology with a standard Level 2 charging connector that’s integrated into BMW’s ChargeNow network. “Light and Charge is a simple and innovative solution to naturally integrate a reliable network of charging stations in the… Read more »

German consortium halfway to goal of reducing carbon fiber costs by 90 percent

BMW has bet big on carbon fiber – it’s a key material in the groundbreaking i3 and i8 EVs, and the Bavarian automaker is steadily increasing production of the stuff. However, the miracle material is still too expensive for most automakers to take advantage of its strength and light weight – the average cost of… Read more »

BMW’s new EVs get you to your destination ASAP – even if you have to take the train

BMW’s new i3 and i8 take vehicle connectivity to a new level with the ConnectedDrive feature, which BMW describes as a travelling companion that can play the role of “travel guide, entertainer or guardian angel.” Thanks to BMW partner INRIX, which is based in Washington State, ConnectedDrive incorporates real-time traffic conditions, and can even plan… Read more »

BMW partners with SOLARWATT to offer solar systems in Germany

Electric vehicles and rooftop solar power are natural partners for several reasons. BMW has just announced a partnership with a Dresden-based company called SOLARWATT to offer deals on photovoltaic systems to drivers of BMW’s upcoming i3 and i8 plug-ins. The German automaker plans to start selling its i3 EV later this year, and its i8… Read more »