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California BMW dealer opens EV-only showroom

As Tesla realized from the beginning, trying to sell EVs alongside legacy vehicles could be a losing proposition. Dealerships that also sell gas-burning cars have incentives to steer customers away from plug-ins and toward their proven sellers. For an automaker that actually wants to sell its electric models, it may make more sense to establish separate, EV-only dealerships… Read more »

Nissan and BMW to build EV charging station network in South Africa

Nissan and BMW have agreed to jointly build a national grid of public charging stations in South Africa. The stations will feature DC fast chargers compatible with both the CCS2 standard used by BMW’s plug-in models and the CHAdeMO standard used by the Nissan LEAF. Some stations will also include Level 2 chargers. “Our introduction… Read more »

More videos reveal BMW i3’s most intimate details

We’re used to seeing automobiles in various states of undress, but the BMW i3 is especially shameless, baring it all for the cameras of an ever-curious EV press. In January, the consulting firm Munro & Associates produced an entertaining video showing how its engineers took apart and reverse-engineered an i3. Now the firm has released… Read more »

Quick Charge Power to offer CHAdeMO DC Fast Charging upgrade for Toyota RAV4 EV

Quick Charge Power, the EVSE company founded by well-known EV advocated Tony Williams, is developing kits for drivers who are looking for a serious charging upgrade. For EV owners without a DC Fast Charging option, Williams is building a CHAdeMO upgrade kit called JdeMO. The idea was inspired by Williams’s Toyota RAV4 EV, which was sold… Read more »

BMW establishes retirement plan for EV batteries

Repurposing used EV batteries as stationary storage is an elegant solution to several problems. Once a Li-ion battery has served for several years in a vehicle, it may not retain its youthful strength, but it still has plenty of storage capacity for applications such as stabilizing the power grid and/or storing the intermittent power from… Read more »