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West Coast Electric Highway enables payment with PlugShare mobile app

EV drivers using the West Coast Electric Highway charging network in Oregon and Washington now have another way to pay for charging. Recargo’s PlugShare mobile app now provides access to the network on a pay-per-charge basis at no additional cost. Charging rates are: $4.00 per charge for Level 2 stations or $7.50 for DC fast… Read more »

Volvo XC90 PHEV to come with AeroVironment’s portable TurboCord charger

While some plug-in vehicle owners steer towards hard-wired wall-mounted charging stations, other drivers find that portable “trunk chargers” offer a sufficient and convenient solution. Volvo has announced that its 2016 XC90 T8 will include AeroVironment’s portable TurboCord Dual (120 V/240 V) charger as standard equipment when the new PHEV goes on sale in the US later this year. This marks the first time… Read more »

AeroVironment’s new TurboDock modular commercial charging station

AeroVironment (NASDAQ:AVAV) has introduced a new EV charging station for commercial and workplace settings that is controlled through a smartphone app. TurboDock charges at Level 1 (12 amps/120 volts), or Level 2 (16 amps/240 volts), and has several features specially designed for commercial and workplace charging. When configured for 12-amp or 16-amp charging, TurboDock provides… Read more »

Next-gen battery pack testing: AeroVironment launches the AV-900 EX

In the late 1980s, General Motors contracted with the California-based firm AeroVironment to develop the Impact electric concept car. It was the prototype that evolved into the infamous EV1 production car. While designing the Impact, AeroVironment needed the ability to test large-format battery packs for automotive applications. However, at that time, essentially no one else… Read more »

Will Nissan’s No Charge to Charge program drive LEAF sales?

Image above courtesy of WSDOT/Flickr Nissan and NRG eVgo have pioneered a multi-network consortium to make topping up the bestselling EV a considerable re-LEAF. When Nissan last graced the Charged cover (March/April 2013 issue), the company was picking itself up and dusting itself off. Its LEAF had taken a shellacking in the press after the… Read more »

ChargePoint pulls out of Nissan’s EZ-Charge program, spoiling launch party

If you’ve seen our latest print issue of Charged, on bookshelves now (and available for online here), you may have read the cover story about Nissan’s No Charge to Charge program and the EZ-Charge Card, a single convenient card that would give LEAF drivers access to multiple charging networks. Well, not so fast… One of… Read more »

AeroVironment announces new TurboCord portable charging cordset

AeroVironment (NASDAQ:AVAV) has written the latest chapter in the story of the ever-shrinking home EV charger, with the release of TurboCord, a portable 16-amp charging cordset. The dual mode (240 and 120 volts) TurboCord sells for $649, weighs less than five pounds and plugs directly into an electrical outlet. The single mode 240 volt model sells… Read more »

DC fast charging billing models and encouraging efficient usage

By Tom Saxton, Chief Science Officer, Plug In America With over 160,000 170,000 plug-in vehicles on the road in the US, an increasing number of drivers are depending on public charging to extend the useful range of their vehicles, both for extended trips in large metro areas and for even longer road trips. At the same time, there is… Read more »

Advanced battery testing and development hub opens in Indiana

The Battery Innovation Center (BIC), a hub for advanced battery testing and development, opened this week in Newberry, Indiana. The 32,000-square-foot facility will serve as a center for research and development, prototyping and contract manufacturing for industrial, academic and military customers. BIC members include corporate, academic and government entities such as AeroVironment, Eaton, Purdue University… Read more »

Fiat selects AeroVironment as its preferred charging station provider

Fiat has selected AeroVironment (NASDAQ:AVAV) as the preferred provider and installer of home charging stations for its new 500e.  Fiat is the fifth EV manufacturer to choose AeroVironment as its home charging partner. To date, the company has deployed more than 12,000 charging stations in North America. The Fiat-branded, UL-listed Level 2 charging station can… Read more »