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Marelli releases new range of multipurpose smart actuators for hybrids and EVs

Marelli has launched a new range of multipurpose smart actuators for simplifying actuation and thermal management in hybrids and EVs. Marelli’s new smart actuators have an electronic module that autonomously controls and links the actuator to the EV’s electronic network. The device has a flexible, modular and scalable mechanical design, to fit complex vehicle electronics… Read more »

Marelli launches new thermal management system for EVs

Marelli has launched a new thermal management system for EVs, which combines the different thermal circuits in the vehicle to increase efficiency. Marelli’s integrated Thermal Management Module (iTMM) modularizes water-cooled heat exchangers like the chiller or condenser with a smart valve arrangement that controls up to 6 channel combinations, unlike single-function heat exchangers. The iTMM… Read more »

Maserati’s first fully-electric car powered by three Marelli 800 V motors

Italian automotive supplier Marelli developed and manufactured the three e-motors used in the new Maserati GranTurismo Folgore, and also provided its proprietary Adaptive Driving Beam Matrix LED headlamps and Telematic Control Unit connectivity system. The 800 V motors, which were developed over a two-year span and produced at Marelli’s Modugno plant in Bari, Italy, supply… Read more »

Marelli to supply BMS to a major EV-maker

Marelli will supply its Battery Management System (BMS) to an unnamed “major global carmaker” for its future EVs. Marelli will provide both BMS hardware and software for segment A, B, and C fully electric vehicles. The start of production is planned for 2026. The BMS will be based on a distributed architecture, which allows the… Read more »

Marelli launches a new 800 V silicon carbide inverter platform

Marelli has developed a new 800 V silicon carbide inverter platform. “The new inverter platform based on our 800-volt silicon carbide power module technology allows it to serve applications where energy use is optimized, the performance is maximized and efficiency is dramatically improved,” says Dr. Razvan Panati, Head of Power Electronics Technology for Marelli’s Vehicle… Read more »

Marelli launches a wireless BMS for EVs

Global automotive supplier Marelli has introduced a wireless battery management system for EVs that will be available beginning in the second quarter of 2022. The Wireless Battery Management System (wBMS) offers wireless communication between the batteries and the control unit. The company says, “Compared to previous wired distributed solutions, the new wBMS reduces the wiring… Read more »

Marelli launches SiC power module for motorsport EVs

Global automotive supplier Marelli has launched a power module for motorsport EV applications. The module, which was completely developed in the company’s Corbetta (Italy) facility, is based on silicon carbide (SiC) technology and uses a new direct cooling solution.  The new module, called EDI (Enhanced Direct-cooling Inverter), was developed by Marelli Motorsport with the Fraunhofer… Read more »