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Infineon and Delta Electronics to collaborate on automotive applications

German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies and Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Delta Electronics have announced an expansion of their cooperation from industrial to automotive applications with the signing of a joint memorandum of understanding. The agreement covers components that include high-voltage and low-voltage discretes and modules, and microcontrollers for such EV drivetrain applications as traction inverters, DC-DC… Read more »

Continental and Infineon cooperate on server-based vehicle architectures

Automotive supplier Continental is collaborating with semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies to develop server-based vehicle architectures. The goal is to create an efficient electrics/electronics (E/E) architecture in which central high-performance computers (HPCs) and a few Zone Control Units (ZCUs) replace the hundred or more individual control units used in current vehicles. Continental is using Infineon’s AURIX… Read more »

Infineon releases a new series of battery management ICs

Infineon has introduced a new series of battery management ICs designed for battery modules, cell-to-pack topologies and cell-to-car topologies in EVs, hybrids and energy storage systems. The TLE9012DQU is a multichannel battery monitoring and balancing system that measures battery voltage for state of charge and state of health calculations, and can be controlled directly by… Read more »

Infineon launches new 750 V IGBTs for automotive traction inverters

German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon has launched two new 750 V insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) designed for discrete traction inverters in automotive applications. The new 120 amp-rated and 200 amp-rated EDT2 IGBTs are AECQ101-compliant and use the micro-pattern trench-field-stop cell design also found in the company’s EasyPACK 2B EDT2 and HybridPACK. In comparison to the previous… Read more »

Infineon introduces EiceDRIVER 2ED4820-EM gate driver for 48 V battery systems

German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon introduced the EiceDRIVER 2ED4820-EM gate driver with an SPI interface, which is designed to protect 48 V lithium-ion battery systems from negative and positive voltages. It’s part of the EiceDRIVER APD product line, and is in production now. The new dual-channel high-side gate driver can withstand negative voltages at Vbat down… Read more »

Alpitronic’s HYC50 charger to use Infineon’s EasyPACK modules and driver IC

Italian charger designer and manufacturer Alpitronic has chosen the EasyPACK 1B and 2B modules and EiceDRIVER X3 driver IC from German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon for Alpitronic’s HYC50 charger, which will be launched in the second quarter of 2022. The HYC50 is a wall-mounted 50 kW DC fast charger with two charging ports. The EasyPACK 1B… Read more »

Infineon half-bridge power module can reach 50 kW and 230 A

Infineon has released the EasyPACK 2B EDT2, a flexible and scalable half-bridge power module. The 750 V device can reach a maximum power of up to 50 kW and current of 230 A rms. The module is optimized for inverter applications in hybrid and electric vehicles. The main feature of the EDT2 technology is higher… Read more »

Infineon introduces SiC six-pack power module for EV traction inverters

Infineon Technologies has introduced a new automotive power module with CoolSiC MOSFET technology. At this year’s virtual PCIM trade show, Infineon will present the new HybridPACK Drive CoolSiC, a full-bridge module with a 1,200-volt blocking voltage optimized for EV traction inverters. The power module is based on the automotive CoolSiC trench MOSFET technology for high-power… Read more »

Infineon’s 650 V CoolSiC Hybrid Discrete supports bidirectional charging

Infineon‘s new 650 V CoolSiC Hybrid Discrete for Automotive contains a 50 A TRENCHSTOP 5 fast-switching IGBT and a CoolSiC Schottky diode. The combination supports bidirectional charging, making it suitable for fast-switching automotive applications such as onboard chargers, power factor correction, and DC-DC or DC-AC converters. Infineon says the integrated fast-switching 50 A IGBT enables… Read more »

Infineon’s new power module for mid-power EV traction inverters

Infineon Technologies has introduced the HybridPACK DC6i, a new IGBT power module tailored to the needs of EV traction inverters in the 80 kW to 100 kW power class. It combines Infineon’s EDT2 IGBTs with package technologies for compactness, thermal management at reduced material cost and easy installation. Within Infineon’s portfolio, the HybridPACK DC6i is… Read more »