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February plug-in sales: Tesla and Chevy battle for the lead, Ford grabs third by a nose

US plug-in sales are on the rise again – February’s figure of 7,881 was the fourth consecutive monthly record, and an increase of 13% over last February’s 6,951. The Tesla Model S regained the lead that it briefly lost to the Volt in January – estimated sales were 1,550 units in the US (via InsideEVs). The… Read more »

Plug-in sales grow again in January as Chevy, Tesla and Nissan continue to lead

2015 was a disappointing year for plug-in purchases in the US (although sales soared in Europe). Annual sales fell short of the previous year, mostly thanks to a mid-year slump. However, growth returned in October, and January marks the fourth month in a row that US sales have bested the previous year’s monthly figure. 6,291… Read more »

FTC panel considers direct-to-consumer auto sales

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently assembled a panel of experts in auto manufacturing and marketing to consider the question of whether automakers should be allowed to sell cars directly to customers. For several years, Tesla has been waging a war with auto dealers’ associations over this issue – the company’s direct sales model is… Read more »

Ford unveils 2017 hybrid and plug-in hybrid Fusions

Ford’s Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid has been one of the top-selling PHEVs since its February 2013 debut (it sold 9,750 units in 2015, second only to the Volt). Now Ford has released some details of the 2017 Fusion (also available in hybrid and legacy gas versions), which is scheduled to arrive at dealerships this summer…. Read more »

Can Tanktwo redefine the battery pack with big data?

A Finnish-American start-up with ambitious goals wants to change how we think about batteries. The concept of an EV that supports the quick removal and replacement of a discharged battery pack was all the rage about 5 years ago. Since then, however, various systems have been attempted and subsequently abandoned by companies like BetterPlace, Renault,… Read more »

EV marketing efforts continue to miss the mark, determining the reasons why is complicated

Most of us in the EV industry are probably tired of the mainstream media’s constant stream of “EVs aren’t selling” articles, which began around the time the Volt made its debut, and will probably continue until the day the last ICE vehicle rolls off the line. Well, for the near future, it’s only going to… Read more »

BMW and Nissan partner to deploy dual-standard public fast chargers

Good news for EV drivers: the dreaded war between the two major DC fast charging standards doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. At least two of the potential combatants are working amicably together. BMW and Nissan have teamed up to deploy a network of 120 public dual-standard DC charging locations across 19 states (pictured… Read more »

Hyundai taps AeroVironment to provide dealer charging stations

Hyundai has selected AeroVironment (NASDAQ:AVAV) as its preferred provider for charging system installation at its North American dealerships. Hyundai dealers will soon be plugging in the 2016 Sonata Plug-in Hybrid, which goes on sale at selected dealerships this month. The AeroVironment 240-volt TurboCord and the EVSE-RS charging station can charge the Sonata Plug-in Hybrid in… Read more »

2016 LEAF offers 107 miles of range

Responding to the consistent consumer clamor for more range, Nissan has equipped the 2016 LEAF with an optional 30 kWh battery pack that provides an EPA-estimated range of 107 miles – a 27% increase over the current 24 kWh pack. The LEAF comes in three trim levels, and the new battery is standard on the… Read more »