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Nissan uses bidirectional charging tech to power North American facilities

Bidirectional charging technology (vehicle-to-grid or vehicle-to-building) has the potential to help reduce utility costs by using EV batteries to store energy and release it at times of peak consumption. Now Nissan, in partnership with Fermata Energy, a vehicle-to-grid systems company, has launched a pilot program that uses LEAFs equipped with bidirectional charging capability to partially… Read more »

FreeWire’s new Boost Power Pro supports blackout charging and bidirectional power flow

FreeWire Technologies, a provider of battery-integrated EV charging stations and energy management solutions, has announced Boost Power Pro, the flagship offering within FreeWire’s new Pro Series product line. FreeWire’s chargers feature built-in energy storage, which enables site hosts to rapidly deploy public fast charging, avoiding expensive upgrades to local electrical service. Ports can be customized… Read more »

IoTecha’s EV charging tech enables Hager Energy to power VW’s bidirectional ID. models

IoTecha, provider of a smart charging platform for EVs, and Hager Energy are collaborating on charging products to power Volkswagen EVs. Volkswagen’s recent announcement of bidirectional charging support for its new ID. models (and existing models through an ID. software update) and availability of a vehicle-to-home (V2H) solution with Hager Energy’s DC home power station… Read more »

Volvo invests in bidirectional EV charging startup dcbel

Volvo has invested in bidirectional EV charging startup dcbel. The automaker’s venture capital firm, Volvo Cars Tech Fund, will support dcbel’s R&D and commercialization efforts for its home energy system. dcbel’s r16 Home Energy Station will be a “renewable energy ecosystem” that features bidirectional EV charging capabilities and a smart home energy management system. The… Read more »

Vector’s vSECC controllers support bidirectional power transfer for EV charging

German firm Vector’s vSECC [Supply Equipment Communication Controller] charge control units are versatile controllers for smart charging stations. Available in three different versions, the controllers support up to two charge points using different standards simultaneously. They are suitable for public fast chargers, compact single charge points and wallboxes.  The vSECC controller serves as a communication interface for… Read more »

Will bidirectional EV charging kill generators? Generac downgraded by stock analysts

In the wake of the recent hurricanes in Florida, we saw the usual flood of anti-EV articles claiming that it’s better to have a gas vehicle in a natural disaster. Your favorite correspondent also got an article out of the situation, and concluded that on balance, you’re better off in an EV (although a lifted… Read more »

Emporia’s energy management system prepares for the bidirectional EV charging future

Total control of power usage: from solar to EV and back to the house. Bidirectional charging promises to completely transform the vehicle ownership experience. Once an EV can double as a stationary storage device, it will take its place as part of an energy ecosystem that includes rooftop solar and energy management—and could even become… Read more »

Nuvve and IoTecha to deploy bidirectional EV charging system for V2G applications

San Diego-based vehicle-to-grid (V2G) pioneer Nuvve and smart charging specialist IoTecha are joining forces to deploy and commercialize a bidirectional EV charging solution that uses the CCS standard and supports the ISO/IEC15118 protocol. The plan is to enable automotive OEMs to enable bidirectional energy flow on their vehicles using IoTecha and Nuvve technology. Future versions… Read more »

Revolutionizing EV Charging Testing: Trends, Use Cases And Solutions

Explore the dynamic landscape of EV charging testing in this presentation. We will delve into current EV charging trends covering megawatt charging and bidirectional capabilities, diverse use cases, and the challenges posed by EV charging interfaces, focusing on interoperability and conformance. We will also conduct hands-on demonstrations of advanced Keysight EV charging test solutions, enabling… Read more »

Wallbox and Bidirectional Energy win $2.2-million CEC grant for V2X demo project

EV charging and energy management specialist Wallbox and startup Bidirectional Energy have secured $2.2 million in grant funding from the California Energy Commission for Phase 1 of their Bidirectional Residential V2X Demonstration Project. The companies will install and operate Wallbox’s Quasar 2 bidirectional charger at 120 residential locations across California. The chargers will be managed… Read more »