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Toyota to source recycled EV battery components from Redwood Materials

Redwood Materials, the battery recycling company founded by Tesla co-founder JB Straubel, is focused on two of the most critical battery components: cathode active materials (CAM) and anode copper foil. Together, these two components account for the majority of the cost of a battery cell, the company explains, and at the moment, they are produced… Read more »

Toyota to invest $8 billion to expand North Carolina EV battery plant

Is Toyota a sleeping giant, poised to exploit the wimpy waffling of GM and Ford, and become the EV powerhouse it should be? Or will the company continue paying lip service to e-mobility while clinging to 20th-century technology? Who knows? We won’t presume to read the green tea leaves, but we are happy to report… Read more »

LG Energy Solution will invest $3 billion in US plant to supply Toyota with EV batteries

Another sign that the sleeping Japanese giant is starting to stir: Toyota has signed a supply agreement with Korean battery-maker LG Energy Solution for lithium-ion batteries that Toyota will use in its US-built EVs starting in 2025. LGES will invest $3 billion in its Holland, Michigan battery facility for dedicated production lines to supply a… Read more »

Advertising watchdog bans Toyota and Hyundai EV ads over charging time claims

Seemingly every press release about an EV or charging station includes a claim about charging time. “It can charge from X to X% in X minutes…” This is understandable, because it’s the first thing most potential EV buyers ask about (once they become actual EV owners, the fixation on charging time tends to fade). However,… Read more »

Should we be excited about Toyota’s solid-state battery announcement?

When it comes to EVs, the mainstream press displays a curious mix of skepticism and credulousness (disasters and miracles generate clicks, but slow, steady progress does not). A recent announcement from Toyota concerning solid-state batteries got the world’s media all excited about a big boost for battery-electric cars. (A search for “EV Holy Grail” will… Read more »

Does Toyota’s BEV Factory really represent a new direction?

Toyota has a credibility problem when it comes to e-mobility. The giant automaker’s corporate right hand pursues a number of EV initiatives around the world, while its left hand continues to spread misinformation and lobby against pro-EV policies. Many are hopeful that the recent changes in the company’s executive suite portend a new, more electric… Read more »

Toyota lobbies Australian government for loopholes in fuel efficiency standards

Toyota is a tireless anti-electrification campaigner—the world’s largest automaker is also the world’s third most diligent lobbyist against climate and clean air regulations, according to data compiled by InfluenceMap—behind only oil giants Chevron and ExxonMobil. As Toyota falls farther behind its competitors in the e-mobility market, it spreads misinformation about EVs and actively lobbies against… Read more »

Toyota to supply EV powertrain and actuation components to Joby Aviation

Electric aircraft developer Joby Aviation (NYSE: JOBY) has signed a long-term agreement with Toyota to supply key powertrain and actuation components for the production of Joby’s aircraft. Toyota is Joby’s largest external shareholder, having invested around $400 million in the company, and the automaker has collaborated on a variety of projects to support the production… Read more »

Is Toyota’s new CEO introducing a new, pro-EV strategy? Well, maybe.

EV boosters are hopeful that Toyota’s new CEO Koji Sato will preside over a new era at the world’s second-largest automaker, transforming the electrification laggard into a leader. In a recent “New Management Policy & Direction Announcement,” three of Toyota’s top execs assured us that the company is serious about electrification, but also reaffirmed a… Read more »