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How did the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program do in its first full year?

The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (NEVI), part of the Inflation Reduction Act, has made $5 billion in federal funding available to build public EV charging stations. The program is administered at the state level, and the ultimate goal is to deploy 500,000 chargers along 75,000 miles of major US highways. The NEVI program will… Read more »

DOE and DOT provide more details of National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program

The federal charging infrastructure investment included in President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law moved a step closer to reality, as the US Departments of Transportation and Energy released some details of the new National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program. The NEVI Formula Program will provide a billion bucks per year for the next five years… Read more »

Study finds EVs are lowering electricity bills for all customers, not just EV owners

There’s a lot of speculation about the effects widespread EV adoption will have on the electrical grid, but until now, little hard data. A recent study has found that, so far, EVs are having a salutary effect on the grid, saving ratepayers billions of dollars on their electricity bills. The analysis, which was commissioned by… Read more »

Isuzu unveils D-MAX electric pickup truck

Isuzu unveiled the company’s first battery EV at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show in Thailand. Isuzu developed the D-MAX one-ton pickup truck to meet a broad range of commercial and passenger vehicle needs while retaining the tough performance expected of pickup trucks. The full-time 4WD system with newly developed e-axles in front and rear… Read more »

National Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy aims to accelerate deployment of charging infrastructure for heavy-duty electric trucks

The Biden Administration has released the National Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy, which will guide the deployment of zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicle charging and hydrogen fueling infrastructure from 2024 to 2040. The Strategy is designed to target public investment to amplify private sector momentum, focus utility and regulatory energy planning, align industry activity, and improve… Read more »

Major truck OEMs form PACT to advocate for EV infrastructure development

The pursuit of contradictory goals is a basic fact of human nature, and the commercial truck industry is no exception. Vehicle OEMs are investing large sums to advance the transition to electric vehicles, even as they lobby governments to water down the emissions regulations that are forcing that transition. Advocates of slowing the transition often… Read more »

Uber Freight and Greenlane to deploy public electric truck charging stations

Freight management and logistics company Uber Freight and commercial truck charging network Greenlane are collaborating on the development and installation of public charging infrastructure for heavy-duty battery-electric vehicles. The aim is to augment Greenlane’s data analysis with Uber Freight’s network data to determine corridors that are prime candidates for electric truck deployment, as well as… Read more »

SAE International lays foundation to implement Tesla’s NACS connector standard

Charging providers and automakers have rushed to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), which features a simpler and more compact connector than the brand-neutral CCS. In fact, the enthusiasm for NACS has been so great that the market has outrun the standards-adoption process. SAE International has now taken a major step towards bridging that… Read more »

ICCT report: deploying charging infrastructure in key freight corridors would enable meeting EPA emissions goals

A favorite argument of the anti-EV crowd (or perhaps I should say, the crowd that “loves EVs,” but just wants to delay adoption for a decade or two) is a lack of sufficient charging infrastructure. Recently, truck manufacturers including Volvo and Daimler (big EV fans both) asked the EPA for a three-year delay of the… Read more »

Lincoln Electric launches Velion DC Fast Charger

Welding technology multinational Lincoln Electric has introduced its Velion DC Fast Charger for EVs.  The Level 3 charger has been designed with industrial-grade components, provides output power of up to 150 kW, and has a charging efficiency of 95%, according to the company. The charger is manufactured with more than 75% domestic component content, according… Read more »